Sunday, 26 February 2012

new blogskin

Hello dear readers! 

I apologize for putting my blog on private for the past couple of days. The blogskin which I wanted didn't turn out the I wanted it to be. And well, this new one isn't what I wanted to but skins nowadays are getting so complicated so I'd just stick with this one. I'm having trouble with the blog template designer thing. Like every other narcissistic blogger, I wanted a skin with hundreds of photos of myself but it took like a gazillion years for it to upload. Anyways, I don't think people are still reading my blog. 

So, hows life you may ask? To be honest, not very good. I'm getting more impatient with nenek everyday and there are times when I just can't stand her. All I do over there is eat and sleep and just attend to her whenever she needs company. Nuff said or I'm gonna start a war. But I've done my best okay. I've stuck by her ever since her second admission to the hospital. 

Besides that, well. There's nothing interesting in my life. I gave my School Sports Day because I wasn't in the Eagle spirit neither did I want to see any of my classmates then. I've applied for a thousand and one jobs but only two has called me for an interview. Besides that I've been lazing around waiting for something to happen. And when I mean something, I mean school

Yes, I know I'm gonna regret saying that when school actually starts. 

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