Monday, 20 February 2012

Sunday with family and friends =)

Hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hello lovelies! 

I had the best Sunday ever! I finally get to meet my primary school friends, how can I not be happy?! They've always made plans without me mainly because I've been busy with my Os and well since Os are friggin over it was their turn for school but then yesterday we finally made time for each other! Well, sort of because they went to my family's BBQ that evening! 

So my day started off with the usual chores. Hahaha, as if! I was in a freaking rush. Met Alim and then we went to Somerset for brunch. The boy really knows his way around town. I mean, I'm known to be the one who goes out often but for someone who can't stay at home for a day, I'm really poor in directions. Maybe because I'm used to being a follower. Ahahahaha! 

Oh and judging by the quality of the photos, you've probably realize that we didn't use my camera to take these. So eheh, credits to Alim & Azmirah! <3 

Guess what I was tempting to buyyyy! 

Yeah yeah! But Alim said that pimples may develop so I didn't buy them. Plus it was fattening also! If Alim would have agreed, *shakes head* ...

And thennnn look who came! 

Hahahaha like mak nenek like that want to keep her stuff! :P 

There we go! I have to admit that not many people can pull off wearing that kind of hat. 

Next we went to watch a Dance Competition! Pretty exciting because I've never really attended any of these. 

Wanted to wear my yellow shoes too but it didn't suit what I was wearing :( 

And are you guys sick of my pink bag? Well, I've got another one! 

It's mama's! Do you know how hard it is to borrow her bags?!

Unfortunately, we didn't get to stay till the end of the show. I feel so bad because we came a long way plus Vinh Nguyen the member of the Jabbawockeez was a guest judge and would be performing too! :( But nevermind! Hopefully I can make it for Danceworks to watch Azmirah perform :) 

Next we headed to Changi for my family BBQ. 

When we got there, we ate right away! 

 And look how my relatives take photos. Hahaha, so semangat! 

 Aunt, uncle and Dad. 

A distant relative also just got married and these were like leftover cupcakes or smth. Wth, leftovers! 

 Jyeah, it was Nyai's birthday! The cake was so delicious! I had two slices! I never had more than one slice at birthday parties okay :( 

My sister, Kak Nadiah and I. Yerp, she was my tutor - the reason I got 19 points, awwh! What would i do without you?! *sniffs* 


And then the camwhoring begins! 

So yes, I had an amazing Sunday. Best Sunday ever. I really love it when my friends can attend my family gatherings. I don't usually mingle around with my relatives so it's good to have friends along so that they can ask them who are they and then talk about you instead. Get it, no? For eg. My relatives will ask me where are they schooling and all and after that they'll ask me and then the convo will be about meeeee! Hahaha omg, sounds so spoiled. 

That's about it then. I shall end off my post with another epic photo of us. 

Thanks guys! I'll love you forever! 

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