Sunday, 26 February 2012

the power of photo editing.

I'm sooooo not saying that I look better in the edited photos. I personally think that I look fake. Hahaha! I used picnik for this. It'll be closing in April and I was like dafug? 



Too fake? Haha, yeah I think so too. But hey, I wish my face was this pimple/oily free okay! 

Another one with Ezra! 



Accidentally applied too much 'wrinkle free' to my eye area and now there are no more eyebags which again, looks too fake. Gahs, I'm horrible at this! Ezra has crazy long lashes so I just used the mascara tool on my eyes but it still doesn't look long enough! :P 

But I like the tools there. I just got to learn how to use it properly! 

 I explored other things on picnik as well. Pretty simple actually. 

Oh, if you want to use the galaxy tool, maybe you might want to try it in 'black and white'? ;) 

I hope you don't see this as a tutorial. If you do, it's an awful one. Hahaha! I'm just sharing a few photos I edited all in one website :) 

Anyways, you might want to learn from Xiaxue! 

Hmm. Photoshop isn't easy after all! Looks so tedious. Doinks. Anyways, I'd like to try 'liquifying' my face/body one day. *eyebrows*

Alright then that's all from moi. Goodnight! 

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