Monday, 27 February 2012

Top xyz sexayest men/women in my generation!

Hellu all! 
So I just wanted to share this 'article' I read  about the world's sexiest men! This was like 2011 okay! And before proceeding, you might want to know the Top 70 Sexiest Men in 2011 here

Done? Okay! So now it's my turn to make a list! And I'm not talking about celebrities-i'd-have-sex-with-if-my-religion-allows-it sort of things. I just find them amazingly attractive, cannot issit?! :P 

Feel free to make objections/criticisms but hey, if you don't agree with mine, make your own! It's kinda fun! 

Majority of these guys are like around my age-ish. Some of them even younger! You might see them a lot on Disney or Nick. HEEHEE. 

At number 25, we have Jeremy Sumpter! 

I don't even know how to describe how overly obsessed I was with him when his movie Peter Pan first came out. I researched him and everything! I even had the movie novel! 

24. Nathan Kress. 

23. Orlando Bloom

Prolly be #1 - #10 if I was like eight or nine when Lord of the Rings first came out. Heh!

22. Chord Overstreet

21. Mark Salling

20. Lee Min Ho

Whut? I can't like Asian guys? 

19. Cory Monteith

18. Bruno Mars

Look so cute here! 

17. David Henrie

16. Roshon Fegan 

15. Carlos Pena

14. Avan Jogia

13. Nick Jonas

12. Carter Jenkins

11. Yoseob

10.Logan Lermen

9. Justin Bieber

HAHA, I wanted a photo of him with his newest hairstyle but all I could find was his bowl hair cut. 

8. Louis Tomlinson

Doesn't look like the oldest in the group, seriously. 

7. Zac Efron

6. Taylor Lautner 

Can you believe that Rober Pattinson beat him? Wth. 

5. Zayn Malik

4. Adam Irigoyen

Three fucking years younger than me :( 

3. Josh Hutcherson

I freaking missed Journey 2. Tsk! 

2. Harry Styles

You guys must be thinking why isn't Zayn in his place? Hahaha don't know eh. Harry's my favourite member sooo yeah. Ahahahaha! 

And in number one, hahaha you obviously see this coming! 

1. Damian McGinty! 
(Plus points for a sexy accent!) 

So I think it's fair to have top 25 gorgeous female celebrities too yah! 

25. Tiffany Thornton 

Yesss the one from So Random/Sonny With A Chance! She's a mother/wife now. Awesome kan? 

24. Nicki Minaj

23. Megan Fox

22. Katy Perry

21. Jennifer Aniston

20. Cameron Diaz

19. Blake Lively

18. Rihanna

17. Gu Hye Sun

16. Ashley Tisdale

15. Jojo

14. Diana Argon

13. Emma Roberts

12. Miley Cyrus

11. Hilary Duff

10. Zendaya

Ah, some people are just blessed with a pretty face (at 15) 

9. Vanessa Hudgens

8. Taylor Swift

7. Victoria Justice

6. Ariana Grande

5. Demi Lovato

4. Emma Watson

3. Brenda Song

2. Selena Gomez

1. Stefanie Scott

Hahaha, who is Stefanie Scott you may ask? 

*hint hint* 
She's in the picture below!

Yup! She plays the mean cheerleader from Disney's A.N.T Farm! Square face, dimples and a nice nose. Ahhhhhhh! I don't have a lesbian crush on her okay ew. I just think that she's really pretty! 

Okay done! Phew!
So, whose your top 50 most good looking celebs? I double dare you to do this - within an hour! 

Yes, it's a very lame post. I'm sure you can tell that I've got nothing better to do at home. But all that is gonna end tomorrow! Spending the whole day at Syazana's place! It's gonna be like a Slumber Party, only during the day. Ahah! 

Oh, and if you don't mind, I'd like to end of with two videos of 1D. Hahaha! Louis can be so wacky at times! 

Hahahaha I watched it like three times! 

Goodnight everyone! 

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