Wednesday, 29 February 2012

updated. kthxbai.

Do you guys remember that there was this one time where taking photos upside down was a trend? Haha! Reminds me of how ridiculously lame we all were. 

Another outing cancelled tomorrow. I am really getting sick and tired of people bailing on me all the time. Just so you know, I'm the sort who loves being out of the house and no matter what kind of outing I was invited to - be it a wedding etc etc - I get excited. Why I like going out instead of staying at home? First, to those close to me, you might already know that there is certainly nothing to do here. After I do my chores, I watch TV for the rest of the day and I feel so 'cooped'. I need to move around. Go to the mall or a stroll, even if I'm alone. Fuck you, I'm not saying that I like being alone. I'm just saying that I don't mind. Plus, I don't really mind if someone says no to me when I ask them out anyways. And second, I like dressing up. Not saying that the clothes I own are extremely gorgeous and stuff but it's better than clothes I wear at home right?!

The point is, to those who intends to invite me out the next time, make sure you're fucking available. Unless someone died, do not fucking bail on me because someone else made last minute plans with you. What do you take me for? A backup plan? Haha, oh bitch. If you've already done so, never ever. Never ever in a million years - unless it's your wedding/birthday/funeral - invite me out. Ever. 

On a lighter note, I received my enrollment package. Yeehaw! All I have to do is to wait till the 8th of March to register. But argh, there's a Sports & Wellness module all freshman have to take for one semester. Seriously?! It's like six months of NAPHA and I hate sports. Ah wtvs. There's still a freshmen dance party! Finally something to compensate with last year's prom. 

PS: Happy Leap Year! 

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