Arab Street with Mama!

Wednesday, 21 March 2012
So I went to Arab street with Mum today. Nothing much tho. Mum just spent a gazillion and one bucks at this small shop selling really nice casual Malay/Indian clothes and well, I do need such apparels in my wardrobe. So enjoy these pictures of me in the fitting room! Or not. 

(Oh, this was what I wore eheh!) 

Just so you know, Mum did buy herself some stuffs too. So I just bought the purple top *above*, the blue top *above some more*, the white scarf *above* and a pair of whit pants. Again, mandatory for weddings or other religious events. 

Went to Hjh Maimunah for lunch. 

Yes, that's a lot of food on one plate. In my defense, I only had cereal fro breakfast and by the time I came here to eat it was already 2 plus ^^ 

And yknow I was really excited to go to Arab Street because I never really got the chance to take a glimpse of the graffiti walls there. It seemed really captivating in  photos and I just thought that today I could have a look at them myself but unfortunately, Mum got tired and so we took a cab home straight after purchasing a couple of murtabak to go. Hence, I just got a photo of the Sultan Mosque. 

Absolutely stunning isn't it? I'm not referring to my photography skill but the landmark. I'm sure to come around here with Syaz one day - when we, well, have more money. Aha! 

Anyways, my family will be heading to Fraser Hill with my cousins and their four children and I can't go. Why you may ask? Because of this. They'll be going on the 6th and the worst part is, I have to spend one night at home, alone. Wow, just the thought of it scares me shitless. I do want to spend the night at my cousin's place but they all live so far away! Well, not really lah - just a train stop away actually. HAHA.