Wednesday, 7 March 2012

From Ikea with Love

Sooooo guess who I finally met today! 

Yes! Little Miss Neeno! It's been so long since I've met her. A month and a half of not seeing each other is too much! I feel extremely pleased that she was just as excited to meet me. Awwwh, never felt so loved before *sniffs* 

She agreed to accompany me to Ikea as I needed to survey some furniture for my room - apparently I won't be buying anytime soon. The journey was a complete blur because we haven't been there for a long time but it's all thanks to my smart phone that we manage to get there without being/feeling lost. We had dinner at KFC first. As usual, had a heart to heart talk. Mmmmmm I love juicy gossips! Hahaha, as usual, we exchanged secrets and told each other about the drama we've been going through. 

Enough of being long-winded. i love going to Ikea! It gives me ideas of how I'd like my future home/current room to look like. I shan't babble anymore. Here are some photos! 

She thought that that bag was on sale. Wahahaha! 

We went to the Children's section and sat there for awhile. Two seconds later this boy approached us. He has the cutest hairstyle! 

After that, we took a train to Dover and went to Fajar to settle some errands. And when I mean settle errands, I meant buy food! 

So yes, that was today. A short 4 and a half hours outing and we didn't have to feel guilty about going home late because we met like around 5pm or so. 

Thanks Neena for agreeing to meet with me! Ily! 

And I recently learned to understand sarcasm. I never knew how to tell if someone was being sarcastic or not but ahah, it was pretty easy! But anyways, I either use sarcasm for fun or not at all. It's mean. 

And yes, I have noticed that I've been putting on weight. Shall be playing Wii more often now. Ahah, like real! 


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