Wednesday, 7 March 2012

The Art of Getting By

Hello readers! 
Today I'd like to blog about of one ze best teenage movies I've ever watched. 
*smiles widely* 

This story is basically about this boy who feels like there's no purpose in his life because he knows that he (or all of us) are gonna die anyways. You don't have to be sick to be dying right? So yes, he avoided many things which he thinks is 'useless' and doesn't have any use for his future - like homework. And his not really the gangster type. His rebellious but not in a rude way. His just, I don't know, troubled? Obviously all of this changed when he met this girl whose just as complicated as he is. 

I like this show because I can pretty much relate to what the guy is going through. I mean, what's the point of being successful if you're not gonna enjoy the outcome of your hard work forever right? Still, I'd rather make the most out of it while I'm still alive. God knows where I'll go next. 

This one is a definite must watch!
Enough said. Here's the trailer! 

So obviously this movie was released last year but it's already out in DVD and on Mio's Video on Demand. When I rented it I felt like keeping it to myself, seriously! It was that good. I think this movie is best when you watch it with your friends with popcorn! 

Speaking of movies and friends and popcorn, Syaz is coming over this Friday! Been quite awhile since someone came over. And the next day to the zoo! Sexcited! 


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