Friday, 2 March 2012


Hey guys!
I just thought that I was just playing around with my hair styler I bought last month ;) 

Makes me miss my curly hair more and more! 

Yes, it's actually a hair straightener but it could be used for curling as well! 

Not to forget my curling spray! 

I bought it while I had curly hair a few years back and I didn't use it that much. Aha. 

The brand is really awesome! I bought the signature series at $180. I just had to have it! 

Other products comes in different funky designs as well!

So nice righttttt?! I didn't know how to use the hair curler so I bought the hair styler instead heh. 

What I love about mine is that it's really easy to use and I don't have to worry about my hair getting spoiled. And you all know that I'm terrible at explaining these things scientifically so you can read about it here - x.

Nonetheless, I'm happy with the way my hair is now. It's so easy to maintain and well, I've, made up my mind that I'm not gonna perm my hair (for the third time) for now. It's really hard to tie your hair up in a bun without ruining your curls! 

Omg and they include styling tips! 

Cheers to the weekend! 

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