I wanna blog but,

Tuesday, 20 March 2012
there's nothing to blog about.

Okay I know!

A few days (or weeks) ago, #ToMyUnborncChild was a trend on twitter and it got me all excited and I actually twitted that if I had a son, I'll name him Zachary. It's a freaking cool name okay and I told all my friends about it! So when I told my Dad he said that in Arab it's pronounced Zakariya (idk however it's spelled) but it turned out that the short form of that name has a (disgusting and obscene) meaning behind it in Arab and I was totally pissed. Haha, I won't say it here okay. It's totally inappropriate :P

So anyways, I went to research to find nice and suitable English/Arab names for boys. I know, it seems really lame but it's really fun. Hahaha! So below is the list of names I found:

Aaron, Adriel, Alfie, Andre, Anwar, Daniyal, Deven, Elyes, Emir, Isaac, Jayden, Joseph, Rafee, Skander (Alexander).

Okay fine, maybe not a list. And just so you know, I haven't done a thorough research on the meaning behind the names so I do apologise in advance.

Ah, I just realise that this post is so friggin stupid lar.

But anyways, if I have a girl, I'd name her Nelly ^^ or Isabella or Alyssa or Hannah or Leah. I wanted Nurul Artika II but my parents laughed at me and I felt so insulted. But they did warn me not to give a long name because they might have trouble spelling out their name in kindergarten. Awwwh!

I don't know why but I'm really excited to start my own family. It's weird because all my life I never planned on getting married in the first place and it's not because that all good guys are taken or that guys are such jerks but because I've always lived up to the expectations of others and not for myself and if I have a family, I'll have a husband and children that I need to take care of and I won't have time for myself. But then again, all that is better than living alone for the rest of my life right? Ah, I can see it already. After the excruciating pain of giving birth I'll be bursting into tears of joy. And so begins a lot of diaper changing, feeding, crying, demanding etc.

I know one thing for sure is that I'll make sure my child mingles. I think I'll bring them to my cousin's place every day so that they can play with their children. And maybe once in a while to my aunt/uncle's place. maybe not all the time because they'll tend to tell them all the embarrassing things I did as a child - like the classic Mee Berus joke or 'Siapa tak habis makan bagi Ika eh' joke. Never gets old. Aha, come to think of it it's really funny but those words constantly made me feel so stupid. On the other hand none of my other cousins ever said anything embarrassing (I think) so in a way it makes me unique! Eheh!

Okay I'm getting long winded now.
Here's my tweets. They're really lame. Don't judge me. 

Oh, it's Tuesday today. Yay Glee!