Monday, 19 March 2012

1D Mania!

Before I begin, I strongly urge 1D haters (or fan haters) to not read this post. It may result in giddiness, serious injury and even death. Kthxbai. 

Honestly, I don't know how all of you pick out a favourite member. I mean, look at them! 

 I've got to admit that initially my favourite was Zayn. 

The first time I saw his face was on Naz's iPod and I pretended not to give a damn, but really, inside I was screaming. 

And then when that One Thing video got released I started liking Harry cus his voice is just amazing.

Cmmon lah, look at his smile and his dimples and his hair. Ah *melts* 

And then when I was watching the video tour diaries (here, here and here) and I figured that Louis isn't that bad also - especially for someone whose turning 21 years. Yes, you heard correct. 

HAHA his funny okay! I know some (or most) of you would think that their videos are really lame. Had a debate with my sister about it and then I snapped at her and told her about my perspective on k-pop reality /comedy series. So yes, I don't like k-pop, she doesn't like 1D. Everybody wins. 

Moving on, 
In one of the video diaries (here), they they answered questions from fans and this question was what dance would you do to a attract a girl and Liam said the 1, 2, 3 flick. And then I was attracted to him also ^^ 

Besides, he always sang the first verse on almost every song ^^

Lastly, I started liking Niall when i found out his Irish and I was like hey, Damian McGinty has a friend! I must admit that his the most adorable one lor!

And stop saying that his teeth are ugly okay, they're perfect!

So, whose my favourite 1D member?

I know I know, I often tweet about Harry/Zayn only but it's because their solo photos are so much easier to find compared to the rest. But just to get it clear, I like all of them equally :)

photos via one direction daily, one direction-slo and google.
Read a summary of their band here.


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