Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Secondary School in a post

I actually promised a post dedicated to my class - or secondary school life to be exact - but I just can't find the right words to describe my five year journey. It's actually the longest time I studied at one place and I feel like I've grown so much. Technically I can't tell whether the change was that drastic till my peers start keeping their distance from me but until now, I still have my fair share of friends so I guess it's a good sign.

I don't know if I'm a better person now but whoever you think I am today, it is because of you - my classmates/juniors/teachers/etc. If you find me arrogant, it's because you've treated me like shit once and hell no am I going to give any respect for you. Likewise if you find me bitchy. To be honest, I feel like I've been nice to people, really. It's just that I'm often misjudged. People would think I'm sarcastic just by the look of my smile which is ridiculous. And well, I like to laugh a lot as well and with that, people would think I'm overly friendly - they'd even think I'm flirting if I'm with a guy. I'm sort of tired of being the person the world wants me to be and I have no choice but to be that person sometimes or no one will like me. Yes, I'm that self conscious, so I've heard.

But tonight, this post won't be about me.

As I've mentioned, I don't even know how to describe how extremely remarkable my secondary school years had been. I've met so many wonderful people - be it friends or acquaintances. When I first entered, I felt proud but at the same time scarred. Scarred that I'll loose my way and become a delinquent. Thank goodness I didn't and it's partly because of my friends and the weekly lifeskills/moral education lessons. Secondary school taught me more than just subjects. It taught me to be responsible, discipline and most importantly to respect everyone not because of age but because they're people.

I remembered the heartwarming moments I have with my classmates very vividly, like it was just yesterday. I love that my classmates were really supportive of me during my downturns and I love that my teachers will always be there for me when it comes to decision making too. Perhaps I spend more time with them everyday which explains why I feel this really casual and family-like attachment to them.

So here's to my class.
Thank you for, well, everything. For being funny, wacky, annoying. For just everything. Helping me in bloody POA. Gahs, just everything. When school starts, it's gonna be secondary school all over again, only shorter - the more reason why we should treasure every second. All of you have been amazing and yes, I wish that there'll be more time for me to appreciate you guys but I hope that this paragraph can compensate for it. One day in the future, I'll be sitting on the front porch, telling my kids how extraordinary my secondary school life have been because of you. And one day, we're all gonna look back at the adventures we had, the jokes we shared, the tears we shed and how we enjoy each other's companion. I wish you all every happiness :)

So yes, this post isn't about me. It's about the people I've met and how they changed my life.