Long week!

Sunday, 1 April 2012
Sooo I'm finally done uploading the photos! 

I can't really recall what happened specifically this week but  basically, here's how it went. 

Visited nenek thrice this week. I prefer going abit later like around 12pm or 1pm so that i don't have to wait so long for Sophia & Nadiah to come home. HAHA! 

Here are some photos of me and Sophia. Nadiah hasn't come back from school yet so she wasn't in them. She introduced me a lot of really cool Apple apps. ^^  

I also donated blood this week! It was the first time and it felt pretty good cause my blood is flowing through someone else's veins. How is that not cool? Not to mention that I saved a life!

My whole family wanted to donate but in the end only Daddy and I did it because sissy was underage (you've got to be 16 and above) and Mum's running low in iron. HAHAHA!

We could even choose the colour of our bandages. Took pink and it's so blergh!

Oh! And we were starving so we had chicken popcorn just to satisfy our hunger. Obviously not for long.

 Also, we went to Johor for satay! Seriously, you can never find good satays in Singapore nowadays!

And this cat was looking at me the entire time!


We usually make plans at least a week before the actual day because she's totally committed to work (until today, haha!) while I, well, I just like planning what to wear etc etc.

So one of our plans were to have lunch at Pizza Hut. We were starving and we couldn't find the restaurant at Vivo. Lucky thing there was one at Harbourfront ;)

We got garlic bread on the house because they ran out on what Syaz ordered!

Ooooh, stuffed crust!

Bloody full I tell you!

Movie starts at 4.20 so we lepaked at the roof terrace of Vivo and camwhored!

Oh yes! And before we went to Vivo, we dropped by school to collect our certs and testimonial. Bumped into a lot of familiar faces!

*ehem B3 in English ehem*
HAHA! To be frank, I wasn't that proud of my results. But since I'm going to Poly it really doesn't matter now heh! And ignore my POA okay I told my teacher that I wanted to drop the subject but he wouldn't let me wthhhh! See lah, got one fail than my cert like soooo not nice already!

At the movies!

Prolly the next movie we're gonna watch! Prolly during the first weekend after school starts. TEEHEE!

Andddddd I bought a diamond screen protector for my iPod! Actually i didn't want to post it because it already came off. can you believe it? But I was planning to buy another one anyways. 

And on Friday, Mama and I had breakfast at JP Coffee Bean :)

And that afternoon I went to visit my adorable niece and nephew. 

Most adorable boy in the world. Seriously.

And went nazrul left, my aunt, naira and I went to Swensens where my cousins worked at! 

Got a complimentary drink made by Aidil, with love awww! 
:P :P :P 

And when I got home, mama told me that she already made my charm bracelet! I was supposed to do it on my own but she got excited and did it instead -.- I chose the charms and she just did the magic! now my cousins want one too! With different charms of course :D :D Can't wait to make my own next month! 

And today, had breakfast with my parents while Yani had tuition (yessssa!) and had frozen yogurt!

Bumped into this pair of, ergh. nevermind I won't say it.

And I just got back from naddy's place where she curled my hair!

And now, here are some pictures of the latest additions to my room :) 

Okay so technically you've seen this shelf a thousand times before hahah!

Loving the photo of my facebook familia!


I don't even know where to begin describing the movie. But you've got to watch it! 

Watch the trailer here

 And the best part of the movie?


Oh, and Josh Hutcherson isn't very tall in real life actually. Syazana has a crush on him and I was like 'Kay it's okay. I still got my five boys." *winks*

Phew. Night!