Sneak peek of Rafiqah's sexayest eighteenth!

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Okay so I know what you're thinking.
'Why aren't you at camp?' 'You ditched camp?' 'Eh, i thought you got camp?'

Chillax, I got a fever right after lunch and had to go home. I got a 4.69 second lecture from mum on what a waste of time it is for Dad to fetch me (in other words, how much of a 'burden' I was) but really, my head was throbbing too much to even think that my parents don't have the slightest sympathy for me so I just went to bed and slept the whole day. 

Anyways! A couple of days before, my friends/acquaintances and I celebrated Rafiqah's advanced 17th birthday at East Coast. Technically, it was supposed to be a surprise but Liana and I tweeted about meeting there and Rafiqah felt suspicious so yeah. HAHA FAIL! :P :P :P Okay so maybe she only suspected a tee wee bit only and Liana tweeted first so it's not entirely my fault okkkkk! :B 

It was one hell of a journey just getting there!

We met super early - like around 10.30am plus - because Syaz and I needed to buy stuff for camp. Afterwards we went to Syazana's house to place her things and then to CCK MRT to meet Hakim. On the way there, we called the rest asking where they were and it turned out that they were still around the BP area -.-" So we chilled at White Sands and bought some stuff for the BBQ, thought that we should contribute a little bit, and headed to ECP. 

Ah, I can't even describe how extremely long the journey was. We took bus 16 from Bedok (because 401 only opperates on weekends -.-), dropped off a gazillion miles away from ECP, walked to the middle of nowhere, climbed over the metal fences (not the green and spiky one obviously!) and well, walked a gazillion more miles to the BBQ pit. We took turns carrying the ice but most of the time it was hakim carrying it eheh! And for being the first ones to arrive in the East we were actually the second last (last of Rafiqah & Sharil, aha duh!) to reach the BBQ pit *shakes head* After all that i was just glad that my face didn't appear on stomp. HAHAHA! 

Anyways, when we got there, everyone was already hiding behind the breakwater. I was really happy to be able to see my friends again, it's been forever! So the usual lah. Rafiqah came, shouted Happy Birthday, shared hugs with my friends yada yada yada. I can't really explain in detail, makes me cry okay! See, who say I don't miss you all?! HAHA! 

Syaz and I left pretty early because we were pretty tired. Went to BPP to look for more camp stuff and then went home. Was coughing the whole night away and the next thing I know, I got a fever yesterday -.-" 

Anyways, here are some pictures of us. Not many of course. Currently waiting for Liana, Clover and the owner-of-the-camera-that-was-used-to-take-the-group-photo to upload the pictures on FB. But in the mean time, here's just what I have. Not much - taken with my ipod - and well, yeah. 

Oh yes, and I changed my top because I was perspiring like mad! Lucky thing I bought a top from Cotton On! 

All in all, I'm just glad that I was invited. Really, I feel honoured. Chey! After all, I don't get invited a lot to this kind of big gatherings.

Happy Belated 18th Birthday Rafiqah! So happy that I could make be a part of it because it brought us all together again :') I'll see you and the rest real soon!