Sunday, 20 May 2012

Crowning glory

Hello there dear readers! 
So NSL practical test is coming up and I'm superbly nervous about it! Anyways, apparently coloured hair isn't allowed which I don't understand why because I've seen nurses with coloured hair. Besides, my hair isn't dyed to the extreme, right? It's only highlighted blonde! Gosh, but wtvs. I rather spray my hair black for the entire day then to fail my test. 

So to all my Poly friends who has never seen me with in black/curly hair, here are some photos from my high school days :) 

Oh fyi, I rebonded once in 2006, permed twice (2010 & 2011) dyed my hair quite a few times (mostly on my own and only once at a salon) and only highlighted once. Cost me two weeks of my salary! Could be one but back then I only worked like two or three days a week heh!  

This is my original hairstyle... 

Before I permed my hair! 

 Look at Kimberly's hair! So nice right?! 
And she's a nurse too yknow! Tho I think that she already dyed back black hmmm. 

Moving on, other photos. 

Ah yes, I never dared to go for any other fringe styles. I always stick to slant. Slant bangs issit? No? 

And the colour of my hair after having it dyed at the salon for the first time. 

And after I highlighted it at Sabah. 

 Really love how my hair is now. But I'd like to try other colours in the future as well! Let's say, red?

Have a good week ahead everyone!