Sunday, 20 May 2012

- Take a breath and let the rest come easy.

(So obviously I didn't make up the tittle on my own. I came across it while browsing through photos on weheartit!)

Hello readers.
I hope that your weekend has been a good one so far. How's mine you may ask? Meh. I woke up later than usual, bathed, had lunch, went out and I just came back actually (as of right now, it's 12.37am). Don't fret, I've already taken my shower. Anyway the only reason why I came home late was because I was at Khairiyah's place to have her mum help me in altering my nursing uniform. Khai & I were making fun covers of various songs and her mum spent most of her time watching the finale of this malay singing competition. HAHA.

Moving on, I received a few feedback from my friends that I don't usually blog about my feelings - because that's what a blog's for right, expressing your feelings? To be honest, for a long time, I've wanted to. It's just that I can't seem to find the right words. If you've known me for a long time, you'll know that I use to blog about my problems a lot. No doubt that I felt better after the post but my friends felt offended and then there were conflicts and I could pretty much tell that the whole world (and when I said the whole world, I meant my circle of friends) were annoyed with me.

So here it is, a post about my feelings.
(Fair warning: I'm compiling everything here, might get messy. I apologize in advance.)

A lot of my friends right now are at a stage where they miss their secondary school lives so badly that they wish that they were back there taking their Os instead. It's different for me. I don't miss my secondary school life at all - excluding the teachers and schoolmates of course! I don't miss studying for subjects I know will have no relevance in my future. I don't miss waking up in the middle of the night worrying about my results. I don't miss the drama I went through - although one in particular, I'm sure you know which one ^^,  makes my parents and I laugh when we look back. I don't miss arguing with my parents almost everyday about the course that I'll be taking. I don't miss walking down the hallway and having to unfold my skirt whenever the DM passes by. I don't miss having a pathetic half an hour recess.

Despite achieving mostly average for my results, I'm still happy that I'm eligible for most courses (thank goodness for a B3 in English/E Maths!) and I'm happy where I am now. I've never been around people who shared the same passion as me. All my life people were always discouraging me to take nursing and then there was a point of time when I actually didn't wanted to. I don't know what made me want to take it in the end.

As for my social life, my secondary school friends and I are doing just fine. I'm pretty sad that I don't get to see Syaz as often as I used to. Well, we're both equally busy with studying and new friends and all. But we do still share stories when we meet and I'm still glad to know that she'll always be there for me. As for my other friends, I still get to see them but I don't know, the spark is just not there. I do look forward to the meetings but when I see them, I just feel a little off. When I met them the other day, it's like they don't miss me at all! :( I was pretty much expecting long hugs and screaming when I see them but, neh. Funny that some things don't change after graduation.

I sound extremely petty here. Now you know why I don't blog about my feelings?

Other than that?

As usual, school's pretty stressful. It's stressful everywhere. My advice to those who already thought of giving up and running away, well here's a news flash for you. No matter how fast you run or how far you go, life likes to fuck with you. My advice is, well, don't run and make the best out of it. Who told you not to study for your Os? -.- Weird that some people are blaming their school system for being unhappy.

For me, I'm still pretty fascinated with what I'm studying right now. Like there's more than just blood and bones in your body. Don't mind me, I was a Physics student kkkk! I also frequently tweet about my poly life. I could tell that certain followers weren't happy about it - like as if I don't have any other stuff to tweet about etc etc. Lol, sour much? :p

Oh and just when you thought that my life is perfectly problem-free now, some girl just had to create drama in class. Blergh, sucks but wtv!

Anyways, this is one boring post right? Who would want to read a post with no pictures?! Seriously, when I come across a blog with no pictures, I won't even bother on reading it. So, sorry for having no pictures here! But to compensate for it, here's a video of Luan Legacy.

Bye guys! 

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