Saturday, 16 June 2012

(Future) Bedroom!

Mommy finally agreed to let me re-paint my bedroom wall as well as rearrange everything! Yayness! So here's what I want in my room ^^

1. A photo wall 

Actually, I already have one. But not as nice as this one of course, hehe!

2. Inspiring words on my wall

3. A dream catcher 

To, you know, sleep easy. And for the record, I do believe that it catches bad dreams ^^ 

4. The New York Skyline as my wallpaper. 

It's New York right? Unfortunately, I couldn't find it anywhere and Dad said that it's gonna be very hard to remove it. Pfft. 

5. If I couldn't get the New york wallpaper, I'll just past a poster of the world map instead :)

Couldn't find a photo of it but what I planned to do was to paste it on my wall, pin the countries I've been to and the places where I wanna go! :) 

6. Bean bag chairs! 

Couldn't find photos of any either. 

So yeah, that's all. I'm still deciding what colour I should paint my room. Sissy and I couldn't agree on the same colour so she was like whatever.  HAHA. What I had in mind was turquoise or aqua green. Yknow, the colour of the sea. That'd be awesome right?! 

Kay bye! :D