Sunday, 17 June 2012

SC Friday

I actually saved a draft with the photos I took with my own camera but I somehow I couldn't open it. Blergh. Anyways, Zaimah finally uploaded the photos on Facebook so I'll just use her photos instead :) Besides, it takes a lesser time to upload the photos too! I actually giggled when I saw the album tittle Med School Syndromes. LOL, med school? Chill chill chill, I don't think I'll be able to handle medical school! :p :p :p 

Here are just some of the photos from that day. Yes, I wore my 2010 prom dress. Made it look more casual by wearing a  cardigan and my Vans shoes ^^ Everyone said that the shoes were a little inappropriate to wear with a dress but I didn't have any other nice footwear to go with the outfit k. 

Ah yes, and it was Yi Teng's birthday and we all sang her a song that day. Ah, she's so cute when she's embarrassed/flattered! 

(And check it out, I shaved my legs. Hehe!) 
Don't bother zooming in laaaaa! Haha! 

I think we were attempting to do a jumping shot here. #epicfail

And look whose being annoying *below* 

With Cheston and Wei Rong who always tries to be every photo, haha! Ah and Wei Rong is just photogenic, he's not that good looking in reality. LOL LOL LOL kidding Wei Rong, you're hot! 

With my practical classmates and Mr Mazlan! 

Last but not least, with my tutorial class <3 

 Yes, Wei Rong wore a suit on Smart Casual Friday. Clever. HAHA. 
(And is trying to look hot zomg blerghhh!) 

Okaaaay bye!