Friday, 1 June 2012

A glimpse of Friday.

You've seen this, haven't you? ^^ 

My class had our very first formal day today. It was supposed to be smart casual Friday (aka SC Friday) but this goof from my class came in a suit. Hahaha! It was incredibly hilarious that I almost died laughing! 

So yes, I wore my Sec 4 prom dress, which come to think of it is pretty weird but whatever! :p But I think I'll just stick with checkered shirts the next time. It was so uncomfortable! Lucky thing that I didn't wear my platforms! Ah and I wore my Vans shoes and people were asking me why I didn't wear pumps. Didn't want to look too formal okaaaaaay! But I loved today, and I can't emphasize it enough. 
I love today I love today I love today! 

Anyways, my family's at Melacca right now and I'm home alone. Doubt that I'd even get a good night sleep. Sigh. Studying tomorrow with Val & Nadz at school. Even booked a discussion room for it! Teehee! 

Have a lovely weekend, everyone! <3