Friday, 15 June 2012

HP Exhibition > Bugis with Hazliyana

Greetings beautiful people! 

First off, if you're here to see photos of the Harry Potter exhibit, well, there isn't any. Just like during the Titanic exhibition, taking photos isn't allowed :( Soray! 

So my cousins invited me to go to the Harry Potter exhibit at the Arts Science Museum on Tuesday. The exhibit was fine. It'll be more worth it if you were a die-hard fan of harry potter. I mean, I grew up watching the movies and I thought I was pretty hardcore but ahaha, naaaah! So instead, here are some photos of my adorable niece and nephew! :) Oh, and other random stuff as well. LOL. 

Nazrul must be really enjoying that piggy back ride! 

Omg that face! She's always trying to get out of her stroller. So naughty! 

We went to Suntec afterwards to let the kids play for awhile. Meh, it was so much fun during my time kay! The indoor playground was two to three stories high! Hehe! 

Looking for one of Naira's socks which fell off. HAHA! 

Look who made a new friend! :p 

So yeaaaaah. It was really fun! We had Seoul Garden for dinner and all I had was lamb and beef and more lamb! Best part of all is that I finally get to get out of the house after my common test week. Thanks Kak Dilah for the invite! :D 

And today you may ask? I went to Bugis with Hazliyana! Will just let the photos do the talking. 

She knew I was craving for Frolicks and so she texted me that there was one Frolicks shop at Bugis. Weehoo! 

Had my usual peach yogurt with fruity pebbles while Haz had blueberry yogurt and oreos. 

The after result. Hehe! 

After that we went to Bugis Street! 

And guess what I bought? ^^ 

A new pair of shoes! It was very Artika of me to wear them straight away. LOL. 

Afterwards, I treated Hazliyana to Swensens as a belated birthday treat ^^ We just had sundae and fries. 

 The rings she bought *below* 


And I'm sure you're interested in the pair of shoes that I bought. HEHE! 

That's all folks! 
Goodnight everyone! xoxo