Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Jennifer Chung - One Day [Official Music Video]

Hi hi hi hi hi hi hi haiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!
How long has it been since I posted a video? Long right? No?

Anywaaaays, here's an original from a youtuber, Jennifer Chung. I only recently discovered her while searching for covers of One Republic's song, Secrets. I know I usually don't copy-paste the lyrics but ah, it's just sooo meaningful! I can guarantee you that you'd be thinking of someone while listening to this song. Because I know I did ^^

Unexpected, like a shooting star
That's how we started, adoration from afar
But we lost it, we couldn't reach the bar
Now I'm nowhere near where you are
Our ties are broken and apart

Oh maybe, one day, oh, one day
We'll cross each other's way
And have a chance to say, "For you, I'm happy."
Oh maybe, one day, oh, one day
We'll grab a coffee and share stories
About the woman you love
And the man that I've met
And have no regrets 'cause in the end
It was for the best

We were joyful
A scrapbook lives just to prove it
But we argued
Passions, thoughts, they all collided
We sang that we were "Meant To Be."
But baby, we were wrong
Perhaps that wasn't quite our song


I can cry, but where would that get me?
You could lie and say you were never happy
The well is dry, we're tired and we're thirsty
I bid you goodbye

Oh, one day, oh, one day
Oh, one day, oh, one day
Oh, one day, oh, one day