Saturday, 7 July 2012

Late supper with le family!

Hello munchkins! 

Okay so I wasn't allowed to say this openly before this, but my family had a maid for the past week. And you know what that means, no chores! It was the happiest week of my life! I mean, I had my attachment and  I didn't had to worry if I've yet to iron my uniforms or to clean my room after I get back etc. Ah, I miss the days already! It hasn't been five seconds since she left and my already mom told me to vacuum my room. Dayuuum! Hey, I haven't had a maid all my life so I guess it's okay to be a lazy brat once in a while. Lulz wth, I'm always a lazy brat. Wahaha! 

Okay so some photos taken while having supper with my family at The Coffee Bean. 

Okay bye.