Saturday, 7 July 2012

Nazrul's 1st Birthday!

*stole these of from Kak Dilah's facebook. Muahaha!* 

Hey there babies! 
So as I've mentioned a gazillion and one times on twitter, I was ze unofficial photographer of Nazrul's 1st Birthday! Woohoo! I was so so so so excited because, well, I looove camwhoring. Be it taking photos of people or scenery or food. Especially food *snorts* So this is gonna be a photo-spam post. I'll try to keep the captions to a minimum! ;) 

Here we go! 
First off, the decorations! The theme was Toy Story! 

Love the balloons. So dopez! 

Props for the photo booth. 

If you don't know what I mean, well... 



And the kids got temporary tattoos! 

Nazrul with his Aunt, Uncle and couzie! 

Lil Naira! 

Now, foooooooood!

Okay okay now the best part! 



Cutting the cake with mommy and daddy. 

And now, just random photos of my family! 

Omar and Sara! 

Le family and Nazrul and Sara! 

Le cousin with Sara and Nazrul. 

Le aunt and uncle and cousins with Nazrul. 

Le cousin and cousin's boyfriend and Nazrul. 

Okaaay that's it! Of course, there were lots of other photos but I just took photos with the people I know in it hehe! 

I remembered being extremely shagged that day because I knew I had to wake up early cus of attachment the next day. But anyways, I loved that day! 

Now, I can't wait for my own birthday! 
I want a super funky and fabulous 3D 18 Birthday cake. Whoop whoop! 
Click here for hints! 

Nighty nights!