Sunday, 29 July 2012


Greetings cream puffs! 

Okay first off, my cath kidston bag arrived today and I can't even begin describing how extremely disappointed I am with it! I really really really love Cath Kidston - whoever who loves floral prints surely does - and so I went to G-Market to purchase a rucksack. I was really looking forward to it because, yknow, I just bought a floral laptop case for Zach and I just figured that it'll be really to have something to go with it. Anyways, here's the picture they show on the website.

So bear in mind that it's a rucksack! And they said that it's the best choice for school bags

This is what I got. 

Yup, that small. 
Okay so maybe they did put the measurements on the website but hello, best choice for school? It's absurd! I could hardly fit my books in it. Seriously, they should be more accurate. Like have a photo of a model carrying it so that people would know how small it really is. Ah, I'm so heated. It's a waste because they really sell nice stuff there! :( Anyways, here's the link - x

Okay but frankly, I don't feel that mad. The moment I knew that this bag wasn't for me I immediately thought of my seven year old niece. So I'll be giving this bag to her. I'm sure she'll love it. I mean she's super girly, LOL. And the thought of giving this bag to her just makes me happy, awh. Selling it off won't be worth it because I doubt that anyone would buy it after reading this post. HAHA. 

Moving on, I'm feeling sick right now. How unlucky right? Falling sick during the fasting month. I didn't fast yesterday but still, I'm not feeling any better. Blergh. I sense a fever coming along and despite of what I learned about fever during MIC - that the body is actually fighting against bacteria or wtv wtv I might be wrong here aha! - I hate having fevers. I get sick every two months! What more, during my test/exam periods. Why meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee? :(