Wednesday, 25 July 2012


Greetings marshmallows and strawberries with chocolate dipped tips! 

Okay yes, what a very lame greeting. Don't mind me. I've been craving for lots of deserts lately. Red velvet cakes for example! I had a bite of one which was made from Zaimah's boyfriend. Tastes like heaven! 

So moving on. I've been always told that I'm the sort who listens to very lame and old songs. Okay I don't mean 80s retro. Just that I have songs by Westlife/S Club in my playlist. What's so lame about that? Westlife's a classic and don't even let me begin on S Club! They're both legendary okay. Don't judge me! 

So for those of you whose yet to see what songs I have in my iPod, here's a few! 

Plus I have a trillion other songs and a trillion and one songs by Glee and One Direction. *fangirling* And yes, my songs are usually pretty slow ones. Not because I'm emo but because it gets me thinking and rewinding back to the past. It's a good place to visit you know, the past.