Saturday, 21 July 2012


Greetings everyday-sunshines! 

First off, Happy Fasting to all my Muslim readers! To be honest, I'm hungry already :( Not that I have a hungry stomach but my head has been throbbing really hard due to low sugar level. I'm left with merely a few hours till break fast so I'm bearing with it *applause* Anyways, I had my sahur at 4am this morning and I didn't really eat much cus I just wanted to go back to sleep. Hehehe! I really hope that the rest of you are doing well! :) 

Moving on, I spent my yesterday with a few friends for a movie at Vivo. It's been awhile since I've been there and I must say that it was a day well spent ^^ 

I was at my worst yesterday. Not in terms of my behavior but because of how I look. No, this does not have anything to do with insecurity. Just that I had a friggin zit on my chin, again! And I didn't even realize it till I get home. Pfft. Plus, I forgotten to use foundation on that day. Not that I use it everyday to school, just that I was supposed to since I'll be out the whole day :(

Anyways, had lunch with YiTeng at Banquet while the boys went to Kopitiam. 

She had Korean while I had Japanese. Frankly, I don't know the difference! Hahaha! 

And then Jason (being Jason) have been annoying Cheston by being lovey-dovey gay with him. Ahaha, I laughed so freaking hard I nearly fainted :p

Ya I know, I feel like slapping Jason's face when I look at this photo also. HAHA!

Ah yes, we watched The Dark Knight. I slept during the first part of the movie :p 

Fair warning: Following photos may give you chills! 

The movie was three friggin hours long! It was a pretty good movie though. There was a twist in the ending and it a cherry on top of an ice-cream sundae, lol.

Speaking of which, we went to Haagen Daz afterwards for ice-cream ^^

*winks at Val and Nadz* :p :p :p 

And afterwards we just chilled at the roofop and played Truth or Dare (without the dare lol)

*rolls eyes at Cheston's Dr Marten's boots* Pssssht! 
Okay no lah I'm just being a sour grape hahahaha! 

Ah yes, there was a fireworks display from USS also! Stayed slighty later because of that ;) 

Mum told me to be home by 11pm and I reached home at 10.40pm. Woohoo! I had a really good time yesterday. The last time I had this much time was with my primary school friends, heheh!

Remember this? *sighs* Those were the days!

Okay I'm ending this post of the earrings I bought at Forever 21!

The epitome of gorgeous <3 <3 <3 

Take care everyone!