Monday, 23 July 2012

I might as well blog

Greetings starlights! 

I hope all of you had been well. Today marked the first day of fasting, while in school. Poly life had always been hectic on it's own. Now, imagine not being able to eat anything to satisfy your hunger AND having to attend school! Especially when my school's located on top of the friggin hill. Not that I usually go by the usual route many people know of. I'd either take the shuttle bus or take a shortcut from Munch. Hehehe! And I usually buy snacks from Mr Bean or Old Chang Kee to chew on during lectures and I can't do that for four weeks! Le sigh. But today was a really tiring one cus my friends and I were rushing from the library to get to class at Blk 50 (near makan place). We missed the shuttle and we couldn't be bothered to wait for another one so might as well just walk and I must say, that is one friggin steep hill/slope! Okay no I don't think I was even walking. Hiking might be the correct term to use lol okay moving on! If you're wondering what the whole class (well, most of us) were doing at the library, well, we were watching Johnny English Reborn! I know, what an unproductive way to kill time but there was nothing else to do. I joined my other classmates - the ones I rarely hang out with, not that we don't get along well. we get along just fine just that we know, we have or own clique so yeah aha - cause the usual (Hazliyana, YiTeng, Val & Nadz) plus Amsyar wanted to watch a horror movie. Yes, I hate horror movies. Never liked them. Nope, nada! 

LOL I'm already afraid of Mother Gothel from Tangled. What more ghosts and murderers from horror movies.  

So back to the point about fasting. I guess I'm used to waking up late for school and still being able to reach school on time during my secondary years. Despite having my classrooms on the upper level, it was still not as tiring as having to attend school located on a frigginnnnnn hill!