Thursday, 9 August 2012

A close to Semester 1 & celebrating Marcus's & Jia Xin's advanced birthday!

Greetings baby martians! 

You know how I'm always saying that photographs are like memories? I mean, there comes a point of time in your life when you're feeling down and all you need is to think of the good times you've had to get back on your feet. Okay so I was right. So maybe life had been treating me fair so far but if there comes a time in my life when I need to reminisce about the few best moments of my freshmen year, I would probably choose this day. 

So today marked the last day of the semester. Amazing how fast time flies. Believe it or not, I'm still getting to know my classmates - some of them at least. I'm even starting to mingle around a lot. One thing I learned in life is to make friends with everyone. I'm trying my very best at it! 

Anyways, we had pizza with our mentor today. It was awesome! But before I get to that, here's some pictures of what happened during the day :) 


With Haz!

With Syikin & Nabilah. The sweetest girls alive!

Okay so is it me or do I look short here?

For the record, I'm 1.66m. Merely a few cm taller than my sister! Ah and I hate my wide hips. The worst feature on my body. 

Went outside the LT and look what my P05 friends were up to. Ahahaha!

Marcus 'Ben 10' Tennysonn!

Shiow Yu!

Then there's them! 


Miss Sheri! Everyone loves Sheri! <3

Yan Li! 

Rashidahhhhh! *spams hearts x infinity*

Our Latina, Sir Carlos! 

Okay so technically, his whole forehead is like chopped off. But I like how I look here! He he he! 

The very famous Jason. 

Yeah that's just how he smiles. LOL. 

Boots. Or not. 

With Aidil! 

Vei Rong. LOL kidding, it's Wei Rong. Just that a German would pronounce his name as 'Vei Rong' HAHA. 

Aidil again, and with a couple of his friends!


Yi Teng and Val!

The usual girlas! 

Photo of the day! 

I just love the lighting. Hehe! 

Oh, and guess whose birthday it was today! 

Yerp, Happy Birthday Amsyar! 

Syikin again! 

Nadz the wacko! 

Val val! Just look at those dimplessss!

Went to Clementi Mall to buy a birthday cake for Marcus & Jia Xin. After that to settle some errands and then to camwhore! 

I love the view from the seventh floor.

And these were taken after the test.

With Aveline and Tse Yen. Photo bombed by Wei Rong! 


And not forgetting one of my few favourite people in the world! 

But on second thought, 

*krik krik* 

Mommy and son/daughter.

The girls!

Ah yes! I love this photo with Rash & Cheston! Mad love! 

So apparently I was late for break fast :p 

Ah yes! And we planned a surprise birthday party for Marcus & Jia Xin as well! 

And now, let the bashing begin! 

Okay so Carlos swore to take revenge on me because I was the first one to put whip cream on his face. Oops! :p 

Played a game of true or dare (mostly dare) and then went home around 9 plus. 

Following photos taken by Nadz's camera!

Ah, I loved today. 

Okay I'm gonna crash now. Goodnight everyone! :)