Friday, 10 August 2012

National Day!

Greetings sweetie pies! 

I must say that today was pretty well spent. Had it's ups and downs as usual but all went well and I'm pretty happy that I agreed to go out today :) The downs were only the part where we had to sit under the scorching sun before the sun set and these group of foreigners who refused to move altho we told them that we're saving that spot for someone but in the end, they did move and besides, we ended up standing anyways. HAHA! 

Greeted them with my warmest bear hug ;) 

Intro? Alrighty then! 


Aini (Pokerface) :) 

Khadijah :) 
Loving how our eyes sparkle here, he he he!

Of course, you've met Syazana. Ha ha ha! 

She was the one who helped me with my group's CITS video. Special thanks to this girl here! 




With the piggies! I feel so BBQ-ed! 

Oh yes, and check out my roots!

Initially, I wanted to do a touch up but I plan on dying some other colours in the future so I decided not to :)

 Huda & Yana who joined us soon after! 

Okay all of you got to taste this! It's super yummy! 


With Naz and Aidil!

Okay ready to see the fireworks?

Ta da! 

Okay so the first few photos aren't very good but the last few are! I promise you that! :) 

Okay this is where the photos got better! Because I discovered the 'fireworks' effect on my camera ;) 

Okay so it took quite a couple of tries to finally get the hang of it.
(Cus I can't shake my hand while taking the photo) 

So that's it for fireworks! Back to us! 

July babies! 


Ending off this post with a photo of my favourite bitch & I :)

Phew. Okay goodnight babies!