Saturday, 25 August 2012

T03 kinda goes raya ;) And thaaanks TREA!

Greetings lovelies! 

Exams are finally over. However I don't really feel the need to celebrate because I don't think that I studied as much as I should. You know, with Hari Raya and all. I really hate it when Hari Raya conflicts with my tests and exams. It's like, we waited a whole year for it to come, not mentioning fasting for a month before, and then we found out that we had too study for these freaking tests. Oh. And my attachment will be during the whole three weeks of Hari Raya too. Wow, fantastic baby. 

We had a very very short raya outing today with T03 today, at least some of them. Was pretty excited because it was my first raya with my poly friends and yes, first time inviting along my Chinese friends as well! It was really awesome. 

So they came over to my house first, since I live at the most western part - among my friends of course. It felt like we spent forever there cus someone was late -.-

To Nadzirah's house next. But a couple couldn't make it so after that it was just the regulars! :) 

At Nadzirah's place!

Wished we could stay longer for a quick nap :p 

And ahahaha, we headed to town afterwards. 

Before Marcus left. Failed attempt to take a group shot, LOL. 

With Nadz! 

And here's Val with her signature cheeky pose!

Carlos and Cheston! 

Had my first taste of Cold Stone! 

Afterwards Nadz and Val went for a meeting while the rest of us headed to Esplanade to chill ~

With Carlos! 
Haha okay bloodyhell I honestly thought that that name was given to him by his parents when he was born but it turned out that it was a name he and his friends came up with. Ah, feel so cheated. 
:p :p :p :p 

And how could I forget my favourite boy, Mr Cheston? ;) 

A blur photo of YiTeng and I. I just thought that we both look nice here x)

So that's it for today :) 


Reached home, and saw a parcel on the table. Tore it open and ah my gawd it was my long awaited (lol i'm being dramatic here, it only took a few days :p) cool story bro tee shirt from TREA!

 It's actually a blog shop which does customization of tote bags, tops and recently, pouches! 

Here are some examples: 
(directly of trea's facebook page)

What I love most is that their tops comes in various types! - x

To be honest, I was pretty worried that it would not turn out like how I wanted it to be but meh, it's perfect! 

Okay so since I am not a designer etc etc, you guys must be wondering how did I manage to come up with the design. Well, I didn't. They did! I came across a photo of Adam Irigoyen (aha, go google!) wearing a  similiar shirt to that and so I emailed them that picture and they sent me the design within a couple days! 

And tadaaaaaa!

Best of all is that when I actually text them to let them know that I received the shirt and that it's awesome and and and I'll be buying from them again soon, they actually acknowledged! Ahhh I'm so glad!

The package even came with this little cute instructions on how to wash the shirt ;) 

Sooo, thank you TREA! You're by far the greatest blogshop I've shopped at! ^^

Goodnight loves!