Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Family Chalet 2012

Had our family chalet during the second last weekend of Hari Raya. I know, out of all weekends right? I was contemplating whether I should go this year because of attachment and stuff. Besides, it wasn't located at Aloha Loyang but at Changi instead which is like isolated from everywhere else and there's really really nothing to do so I spent like most of my time sleeping. 

I only remembered dozing off straight after my arrival at the chalet and I woke up at 10pm. Chilled with my relatives and then slept again. I was the last one to woke up the next day and again, nothing to do so I slept in the afternoon. I guess the highlight of the chalet was playing with my nieces and nephews and camwhoring with my cousins. I didn't even get to eat like a lot of food. 

We also celebrated sissy's advanced 15th birthday. Ergh, so jealous of her, always get to celebrate her birthday solo while I had to celebrate with a gazillion and one other October babies. And my plan to have an 18th birthday party this year totally backfired. I cried okay! :(( Okay I won't even get into it. Besides, this year, my (or our) birthday celebration will be at East Coast and I'm allowed to invite my friends so hehe pretty excited! 

Okay now, photos!

So yes, that's it :) You don't need captions right? :p