Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Ice Skating!

Greetings snowflakes! 

Like any other outing, I can't explain how extremely fun today was. We (my friends I met during attachment *winks*) planned to go out ice skating like a week in advance and everything turned out perfectly! Well, except for the fact that we were super late :/ Apparently I wasn't the only one who couldn't skate. But Aniq learned pretty quickly while, well, Shu Min and I didn't :p I didn't fall though! So yes, not bad for a noob ;) 

We went to Kallang instead of JCube because it was less crowded - so we didn't need to feel paisey when we fall, mehehehe! 

Okay photos now!

Failed attempts to take group photos! :p

Love these photos of Cheston and I. Aniq just had to photobomb us -.- Haha!

Took a video too! I apologize for the bad quality. My camera just hates it when I record stuff. 

Aniq and Shu Min, awh! 

The noobs!

And the pros. Haha, bloody showoff I tell you! :p But they were really patient with me so yeah, haha!

Then there's my favourite two people in the world! 

Aniqqy and Naddy!

Haha okay role call! :) 



This boy held my hand so bloody tight I tell you! Haha! 

Shu Min!

Then there's my favourite Filipina, Kariza! 


Then, there's me ;) 

Haha, go figure who they were tryna immitate! 

We left around 5 but seriously, it was ze best two hours ever! :) 

Headed to MBS afterwards and had cup noodles for dinner! Pretty satisfying ;) Aniq wasn't with us tho :(

As always, we played a game of truth or dare (w/o the dare) and shoot, shag and marry. Hahaha, everyone's answers were hilarious! Honestly, I can't imagine shagging anyone I said I would :p 

Syaz and I also attempted to do the best friend tag but she ended up freaking insulting me the whole time haha! But anyways, we'll be doing it again soon :) 

I think this is like the best photo of me. Aha. 

Ending off with a photo of moi :) 
Yes, my fringe just doesn't love me today. In fact, it's been hating me since attachment (cus I've been pinning it up so yeah)

Looking forward to another outing with them :) Goodnight lovelies xx