Sunday, 23 September 2012

Today's a fruitful day :)

Greetings adorable ones! :) 

Yes, today was a fruitful day. I've been pretty emotional for the past few nights and I just feel pretty good tonight. Honestly though, I should really stop feeling insecure about everything. But I think I shall save that topic for another day ;) 

So today my family and I went to United Square for dinner! We had Manhattan Fish Market, bought shoes from Crocs (they were having a sale, hehe! and and we wore it straight after - see the picture below, mnie is white!) then had ice cream at Dairy Queen (it had to be served upside down or it's free!), bought some candy from Made in Candy (very similar to Sticky) and finally bought some cupcakes from twelve cupcakes! 

I'll let the pictures do the talking now :) 
(All pictures taken from my iPod via Camera360)

Ending off with a photo of me and the stuffed animal my sister bought from Build A Bear :) Technically, it's a stuffed cow ^^ 

Goodnights lovelies! Have a fantastic week ahead! <3