Monday, 17 September 2012

The original triplets :)

Greetings ice cream cakes :-) 

Today was pretty awesome. Spent the entire afternoon with Nazirah and headed to Syazana's place in the evening. Before that, we bumped into Chloe at Coffee Bean and she gave us the biggest hug ever! It reminded me of the times we were so so very close! To be honest, I don't know how it started. I remembered being in the same project group as them so yeah. Sometimes instead of doing our discussions, we would spend like 3/4 of the time fooling around at the playground. I miss those days :'( 

This is one of the rare photos of us. I just somehow couldn't find our old photos. I don't really recall what drove us apart, but I'm certain that there weren't any fights or arguments involved. Anyways, it didn't matter because I've always been close to Naz and I still share everything with Chloe - like my relationships problems etc. It's like we never broke up :) 

So yes, we're the original triplets - one of the few things I miss about secondary school. I love these girls so much. They were there for me during my first heartbreak and we were always wacky and we get into trouble together a lot ;) Most importantly, there weren't any drama involved with each other. 

I love you girls. I know it's been years since we were close and it's too late to say this, but thanks for always being there :) I'm lucky to have known you guys! <3

*spams hearts, hugs and kisses*