Monday, 3 September 2012

The rest of Hari Raya!

Greetings muffins! 

Back with another proper post, yayness! Figured that I might as well blog about my raya outings since I don't think I'll be going out anymore - all thanks to attachment of course. Anywho, here are some photos! 

Raya with my paternal grandmother.

Visiting my relatives from dad's side of the family.

Oh. And I usually remember houses which serves yummy chocolate!

Ah yes, remembered that I was at Kak Hanim's house. Yummy stuff I tell you!

At Kak Qilah's. 

With Charmaine! 

My awesomely vain niece!

Sophia (above) and Baby Raushan! (below)
We were at Al-Azhar's having dinner ;) 

More kueh from Kak Hanim's. Yup, the photos just jumbled. 

I looooooooooove this one! The kueh on the right! I actually almost finished everything :p 

At Kak Hasanah's!
Forgot to take a picture of Adam. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. That boy was super hyper that night while the rest of us were dead beat. 

And today at Kak Wati's open house!

Guess who? 

Thankfully this was taken before I friggin stained my baju kurung. Had to go back and change and then go out again. But back to Taufik, I actually fangirled for like two seconds and then I remembered that I met him for like a gazillion times during his shows so yeahhh, mehhhh. He he he he! But still, it's Taufik Batisah! <3 

The very adorable Sara and Omar! 

Creme brulee! Nicest desserts ever!

With mom. 

*after I changed* 

Yup, wore my first day outfit!

As you may have noticed, I decided to go simple this year. Mainly because I know that I'll gain so much weight (teehee) and so a kebaya is a no for me. And I don't mind anyways. As for the colour, well, I didn't have purple so yeah. And shoes? Let's just say that you can never go wrong with nude colours. Matches with everything! 

And a few shots from my iPod. 

And here comes the narcissistic photos! :-)

Okay that concludes my post and my Hari Raya I guess. Already thinking of what colour I shoul wear next year *winks* 

Goodnight guise!