Monday, 1 October 2012

Hello October

Greetings my fellow readers :) 

 This year has really gone by fast. Maybe it's partly because a tertiary student's school year starts in the middle of the year. 

Anyways, it's finally that month of the year again - October. The reason why I'm so excited about this month is because my birthday falls on October 23rd! It kind of sucks having your birthday towards the end of the year because you get to see your friends turn a year older before you could but when yours comes, it feels so so great! What's best is that I'm finally turning 18 this year! I'm finally legal! Smoking and drinking and finally being able to attend all the school's parties at Zouk! Lol, I'm kidding. Yes I am very much qualified to do all those things but of course I'm not gonna do it!! Pshht *rolls eyes* 

Okay so let's see what's the agenda for this month hm? 

2nd week of October: 

I'll be meeting my poly homies for the first time in six weeks! I am just that excited! We'll be having lunch/dinner at Hei Sushi *sings first verse of Hey Soul Sister* 

Then there's the leadership camp. I remembered really wanting to attend it in secondary school but I didn't even register to be in student's council. So it's great that I had signed up for HS Delegates (which is kind of the same thing). I've got the feeling that this camp is really gonna benefit me :) But so far non of my friends had signed up for it and  tomorrow's the deadline. Le sigh. 

3rd week:

Yes, school starts on the third week. Just look at my modules! Okay to be honest, I'm kinda looking forward to school and learning new modules etc etc. Especially pharmacology! The only thing I'm not looking forward to is Sports & Wellness. If you know me well, you'd know by now that I friggin hate sports! It's so exhausting and boring. Yes, I find sports really boring. There's a story behind it, about why I hate sports. It brings me back to way before I even moved here. I'll save that story for another day :) 

Also, I had a lot of things planned on that weekend because my birthday was coming up. But it all got freaking cancelled! 

First, my birthday barbecue got cancelled because I just had to be reminded that it'll be Hari Raya Haji the next weekend and everyone's gonna be pretty busy -.- Sorta lame because my family don't do much. I mean, all we do is visit my grandmothers and that's it. I was pretty pissed at first because I've been tweeting non stop about my 18th birthday and I really wanted to celebrate with my poly friends. 

Second, my dad could get a cheaper rate to the Halloween thing at USS so I invited my secondary school friends. It turns out that one of them couldn't make it so I decided to invite my cousins instead. Turned out that they already plan to go there the next weekend. So I finally invited Syaz (not that she's my last resort, only that I prefer going to places with her alone or with our poly friends but I planned to invite her to the barbecue before it got friggin cancelled). She and her sister wanted to but she just had to end school at 6pm tsk. So the whole thing got called off. It all happened before I knew the barbecue was cancelled and thats why I didn't invite my poly homies :( So for the zoo outing, I planned to go with my attachment buddies! Really hope this one works out :/ *crosses fingers* 

4th week: 

It's finally my birthday on Tuesday! Now that I think of it, my most memorable birthday would be in 2007 when I was in sec one. Azlina gave me my first present from a friend and Amira and Liana gave me a really big card. It was so sweet! But whatever it is, I wanna remember this birthday. It's like my first birthday in my Poly life and that's why it's important to me, awh. I'd celebrate it alone if I have to. Which I don't mind because sometimes you're your only friend, right? ;) 

I'll be going to Sunway Lagoon that weekend! Yeehaw! I'm really looking forward to this one although my poly homies won't be tagging along. But Rash is gonna be there. So is Sheri. And Marcus. And Carlos, who swore revenge on me :p And the rest who are pretty awesome too! :) 

So yeah, this is gonna be one exciting month! 

You know how at the end of every month, people will always say 'Dear *name of next month*, please be good to me' but that month ended up being terrible. I could hardly recall a month where everything was perfect and I was always happy. Well, I guess it's safe to say that I'm only human and being human means that I am never ever fully satisfied with my life. I'm not gonna have high hopes for this month and the months that follow. I think I've faced enough disappointments for now so I think I'm just going to let things be :) 

So I shall now end of this post with everyone's favourite Green Day song at this time of the year :)

Have a lovely month ahead guys! xx