Tuesday, 2 October 2012

The Body Shop haul! :)

Greetings my vanilla twilights! 
(Spent the whole afternoon listening to Owl City, hehe)

Mum and I went for a short shopping spree today at our favourite beauty shop, THE BODY SHOP! Most of you should know by now that I am a huge huge fan of The Body Shop moreover that I'm now a Star Loyalty Member! Which means, 15% off regular price items instead of 10% omg omg omgzzzz! Anyways, if I spend a total of $450 before September next year my membership would be upgraded, again! 

So before I go on talking about what my whole body shop collection, here are two reasons why you should love The Body Shop! 
  1. There's a wide range of beauty products to choose from!
    - The shop is known for their sweet smelling shower gels and perfumes but they don't just sell cosmetics etc etc. Did you know that their now selling lotions and gels for your well being? An example would be the Deep Sleep series - consists of products that ensures your skin stays moisturized and smooth during your slumber zzzzzzzzz ;)
  2. It's Beauty with a Heart value.
    - For those who don't know, Body Shop is against animal testing and always always ALWAYS promote protecting the planet. All of their products consists of natural ingredients instead of those chemicals stuff. Natural ingredients are awesome as they most probably won't cause any sensitive reactions to your skin. They also recently launched the Limited Edition Lily Cole Make Up Edition to celebrate anti animal testing. There's also this recent charity thing they're doing where every purchase of a dragon fruit lip butter ($10.90) would go to one out of three organizations YOU could choose from ;) Click here for more info!
Okay so ready to see what I bought today? ^^ 

We spent a total of $138 today and we were entitled to two free goodie bags! 

Pretty cute right? ;) 

Okay now my whole body shop collection! 

Ta da! 

So here they are: 

My limited edition eye shadow pallet I bought at Sabah last year. It comes with a brown eyeliner and a mini eye shadow brush. So fabz!

Then there's my Extra Virgin Minerals Foundation (SPF 15). I got asked a lot about what I use as a base. So yup, here it is. I don't apply a primer :) 

 The award-winning make up brushes! I only own a foundation and blusher brush and they really come in handy!

Then there's the necessities - Green Apple shower gel (which was in the goody bag), Tea Tree facial wash (second time using it) and the Tea Tree Toner I just bought today. I highly recommend the facial wash. My skin became less oily and shiny ever since I started using it. It iz ze bomb! 

Check out the tea tree series here

Just bought the Lily Cole puff on radiance today and I had the blusher for months now. 

Got this Rain forest Moisture conditioner for free (in the goody bag).

My favourites! The double intensity mascara and eyeliner! Friggin waterproof I tell you - and this is coming from a girl who perspires, a lot :p 

Another thing from the goody bag :) - The Deep Sleep body moisturizer. Looking forward to using this one! 

My compact powder! I use it after applying the foundation. If you wanna use it, fair warning: it's heavy. But when I apply make up, I really want a flawless face (not that I look superbly beautiful after I apply it but you get what I mean). I just don't want my scars or pimples to be seen. 

Received samples too! Got a lot of these hehehe!

And finally, 

My white musk body lotion and perfume! Got it for my birthday last year :) 

Ending of with two photos of this vain pot :p 

Yup, you guessed it. It's a before and after photo of me without and with make up on :) Because I'm just THAT bored ;) 

Have a lovely day ahead everyone! xx