Sunday, 21 October 2012

Memorable (almost) 18th! - Part one

Greetings my red velvet cuppycakes!

Yez i'm blogging through my ipod now so i cant upload the pictures :( Idk how this will look like on the net but i'm just gonna blog anyways! I celebrated my advanced 18th today :) Unfortunately, it rained so we had to call off the bbq. We ended up celebrating it at my aunt's place heh. We obviously camwhored and i took the photos with my cousin's dslr :) Long story short, i finally had a birthday song dedicated to me only, it was so fun - i was obviously blushing throughout the whole song ☺ Bahahaha! After the cake and all, my friends brought me to the void deck and gave me the birthday bash of my life! Eggs and flour and cake and party strimmers zomg! I had to wash my hair thrice! But at least carlos is happy cus he finally got his revenge :p But then again i smacked his face with cake, again. So he might be bashing me again at sunway lagoon. Dang it!

So yeah that was today. I had a really great time! Obviously the best birthday ever. I'll definitely remember this one :) Thanks so much to my relatives for the presents and the food and especially to kak hasanah for the cupcakes, cik wati for handling everything and yea, my parents :)

Shall be blogging more about this soon! Goodnight all!