Saturday, 6 October 2012

Out and about with attachment buddies!

Greetings my fluffy marshmallows! 

Had another outing with my attachment buddies yesterday. As usual everything was delayed because SOME people were late ;) But all went well. Eh no, except for the lightnings when we were at Marina Barrage. 

We went to Westbowl for a few games of bowling. I didn't played tho heh. 

Kariza's sexy eyessss. 

Syaz was the gutter girl for the day haha! 

Yes, we were in the female lavatory and Cheston just came in. HAHA.

Headed to Marina Barrage after that. 

Okay okay pretty photos now!
Warning: Narcissistic photos ahead. 

Ah, love this photo of Kariza and I :) 

Familiar? :) 

Fact: I can only raise both eyebrows at the same time. 

And then we went to Scape after that :) 

So yeah that's it for yesterday. Another fun day spent with them <3 

Ending of with some favourite shots I got from Kariza's FB :) 

Goodnight! xx