Thursday, 27 June 2013

Attachment #5

Hi everyone. 

I'm currently in the midst of undergoing my fifth clinical attachment. Since I'm in 2.2, I'm posted to the Obstetrics & Gynecology ward and I must say that it is my favourite posting so far. Idk, maybe because everything had been the same during the previous postings. I'll either be allocated to a surgical/medical/orthopedic ward which seems interesting at first but it gets pretty boring subsequently. Nonetheless, everything's been manageable and I'm just glad that I've gone this far without getting into any trouble.

Ah yes, and I'm currently having my attachment at NUH, which is awesome but I kinda miss the atmosphere at AH. It's much more quieter there and I'm pretty much used to the ward settings also. But heh, I still love the fact that there's more variety in food choices here :) 

The only thing that I don't like about CA is that my social life gets affected. That's the downside of becoming a nursing student. Instead of getting seven weeks of vacation, we only get four - and in my case, I only get three weeks of semester break this year because I'll be posted to a Pediatric ward during the first two weeks and IMH next or vice versa. All my friends from other courses are able to go out and have fun while I have to worry about completing my skills on time and looking for a patient with the appropriate diagnosis to do my case study. Apart from that, I haven't been able to reply any texts except at night when I'm on AM shift (like today). I think at this point of time, Raf's the only one who I still talk to everyday despite our busy schedule. 

And btw! I did try to text others first too okay. Just that they didn't reply me so what should I do? Tsk. 

But still, apart from feeling extremely lethargic and that my legs are about to fall off, I feel like both the nurses and patients appreciate the littlest things we do so meh, we all go home happy in the end. 

So yeap, that's about it then. I'm left with six more days and then I am done! Another morning shift tomorrow and afterwards it's shopping with Kak Dilah! So sexcited! 

Goodnight babies :) 

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