Monday, 1 July 2013

Big Sister Big Sister.

Hi everyone! 

I don't know why but I just felt like blogging about my views of being a big sister. Perhaps it's because majority of my friends have older siblings and it seems like sometimes their personality resembles my sister's. 

Before I start, here's a small intro. 

My sister was born in 1997, three years after me. Our differences in our childhood includes going to different playgroups, having different hobbies and different tastes. For instance, I went to Kidsport while she went to Apple Tree for playgroup, she loves to draw while I prefer writing and I'm more keen in spicy food while she hated chili and prefers ketchup. Being her has it's advantages. Like when we moved, she just started Primary One and hence, doesn't need to start all over because it already seemed like the beginning for her. As for me, I was Primary 4 when we moved. She went to Greenridge Pri and I went to West View Pri and oh how much I envy their school system. Anyways, we share a room together. It was only before we moved when I had my own room but even so, I spent most nights squeezing into the same bed with her in my parent's room. It was only a few years later when she moved into my room. Today, she's an O Level candidate in the Sec 4 Express stream (which means she's graduating a year earlier compared to me) and we went to the same secondary school but not anymore because I graduated already mehehehehe wgt for sec sch sia?! :p

Kay back to the point! 

I've pretty much been a big sister all my life now and there are moments when I'm proud to be a one because it kinda means that I have accomplished things faster. No doubt that one day she's gonna catch up but even so, I'll always be at the front ;) Unless I stopped working or schooling or if she marries first which in that case, would be extremely hurtful! 

Other times, life can be pretty unfair. Extra chores and responsibilities just because I'm older. It's like, I didn't choose this life, you see? I didn't choose to be the big sister. I mean, she has chores too but it's just that mine's more. Sometimes I wish that my parents could come up of a better reason why I have more work load than just saying "because you're the oldest."

Then there's having to look out for her all the time. There was this one time when my parents forced her to accompany her to a friend's party where I feel so out of place because they were all kids. Then there was this one time when she got into a fight with our cousin and I wasn't around but the first thing my parents said to me was, "where were you when this happened?". It's frustrating and exhausting. Why should I be responsible for whatever that's happening to her? Because I'm the big sister. 

Oh yes and another thing. Sissy's pretty much a brat. I mean, I'm pampered (as highlighted by a lot of people), but she's a spoil brat. Not in the rich-i-want-everything kind of way but more of a clingy and attention seeking kind of way. I guess most last children are like that. Obviously there are no more siblings after them and that's why they can have all the attention that they need. I've seen it happen all the time - especially with my nieces and nephews. No offence to all those who are the youngest in the family reading this but even if you're no longer the center of attraction now due to whatever reasons, believe it or not, your parents gave you more attention than they ever gave to your older siblings - even if they were still young by the time you were born. 

Aside from all the negative things about being the oldest in the family, I'm still glad that I am what I am because I've learned more than I thought just by being a big sister. I learned to be independent and not to rely too much on others because there may be times when you have to do things alone. I learned to be protective, and this just came as an instinct. I learned to be patient because she gets on my nerves sometimes. Most importantly, I learned to be proud of her for her achievements. 

There may be times when I wish I had an older sibling. I wish that I had someone who was protective of me and someone who I can run to for advice. I have mum but I can never know what it feels like to seek advice from someone like an older brother or sister. I'm not perfect but I love my sister (most of the time lol) and I always look forward to seeing her grow and becoming a better human being than I ever will be. 

With that, I bid all of you goodnight :) 

PS: I got that charm in the first photo at KL ;) 

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  1. Hahahaha I love this!!!!! But I think my situation is worse cos I got 3 younger sibs but yes my fights with Kak Lin is the worst! She used to always wear my clothes and my bags!!!! I used to HATE her!!! I think we only stopped fighting and got closer once we got married!

    About having older have ME!!!!! Just call or msg ok??

    Kak Dilah