Friday, 14 June 2013

Geeks go to USS!

Hello earthlings! 

Soooo if you know me personally, I think you might already know that I've been wanting to go to USS since forever although it would already be my third time going. Went with sissy and Soph this time round and I had  an amazing time over there! 

Us at the lobby in vivo!

Oh yez, and it was Yani's first time there! 

I totally love the camera effect below! So darn cool k pls. 

Sissy and I!

HAHA Soph and I were behaving like monkeys once we entered! We were that excited!

Actually throughout 1/4 of the trip, sis and I were comparing our bodies with Soph cus she's just so so slim ahmygawd insecurity level decreased to -100.1 k. 

With Sophia!!

Soooooo, we walked along Hollywood first and thennnn we bumped into....

Aka Raf's twin lol. 

Next was New York! My second favourite part of the whole place ;) 

Ah yes there's this new Sesame Street thing which I think is catered to small kids (because the ride was pretty lame heh!). 

Manhole. HAHAHAHA! Getit?

The sesame street themed things were so damn cute okkk! I was so contemplating to buy the cookie monster balloon tsk. 

Bumped into another mascot idk who hehehe but she's fun!

See what I see? ;)

It's Big Bird guys! 
Okay so I don't grow up watching sesame street because I only like Elmo's segment which is always the last part and I end up missing it :( And oh ya, I remembered when my primary school friends used to call me big bird. Idky also hahaha! 

Next we went for the Transformers ride! 
Was definitely most excited to take this one. 

I didn't really enjoy the wait because this person behind me was so fucking impatient. She kept on wanting to squeeze in between me and yani like wtf are people that impatient in your country tsk! I could literally feel her boobs on my back okay omg. 

Moving on! 

Went to The Mummy part! 

But we chilled and had some food before moving on because we were starving!

Bumped into a few more characters and took a photo with them. Super love the lady's lipstick! It's gold! And no one can pull off gold lipstick k!

Didn't take the rides there because I had a phobia of taking the indoor roller coaster. Scary af. 

The Lost World next!

We took the boat ride thing. Got pretty wet after that!

Okay now to my favourite part! 

Far Far Away!
Okay I don't know if it's a girl thing but I'm just really intrigued by the castle! And it has my favourite rides too! The roller coaster was just nice for me heeheehee! 

Went for lunch before doing anything else!



Nerd without specs!

Oh and my specs are real okay! People kept on telling me why do I always wear fake glasses out haha :(

With Sophia!!

While waiting for the Donkey Live show!

I was so contemplating to buy this two. 

Felicia reminds me so much of Naira omggggg she's so cute I'm gonna die!

While queuing for the roller coaster. 

Next was Madagascar! 

Was so disappointed that we missed the show :( Wanted to see King Jullian so badlyyy!

Anyways, here's us on the boat ride!

Next was the Merry Go Round thing. 
I don't know why but throughout my visits here, I'm always the most excited one to take this ride! 

And I always choose the giraffe! :) 

After that, we went for another round of the whole place and camwhored with a few more characters!

Oh yes, we rode the cyclon! Yes, including me! I can't believe I did it and I never regretted a single moment of that 90 seconds ride! 

Sis and soph decided to take The Mummy indoor roller coaster so I headed to Far Far Away to wait so in the mean time, camwhore!

Oh ya! We bought slushies!
And I still haven't got my birthday slush! You know what I'm referring to? 

It just seems so fun omg I can't imagine the after effect of getting slushed!

Okay moving on!

Their faces after the ride haha!

Went on to camwhore more!

Ah, I love these guys. So charming. 

Nothing's hotter than handsome men who can pull of frogskin shades okay!

Went into this part of New York to camwhore even more!!

Toilet break, haha!

Watched the street dance performance too! 
It was superbly cool. 

Went to watch the Monster House afterwards which was very Broadway. A nice place to just chill after a long day of walking. 

When we went out, there was another performance!

And by girls this time!

Went back to the same place to camwhore some more hahahaha!

Went back to Hollywood to take a look at some stuff. 

Wanted to buy the Best Father trophy for Daddy for Father's Day but there weren't any :( 

Kay mirror ootd! HAHAHA!

Was a really bad day to wore jeans because it was so darn hot. Wore my favourite top from cotton on and vans and my bag I just bought from statement muse :) I just have a thing for studded and shoulder bags now. Ah I love it!

Wanted to get him the shrek toy also (because I'm shrek's little girl!) but I might end up taking it in the end hehehe!

Okay ending off with this annoying replace-my-head-with-head-of-your-favourite-character photo!

Hmm, nope. Not bored of USS yet! HEHEHE. 

Toodles guys! :)

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