Friday, 14 June 2013

Daily reminder

Things to be thankful of

  1. To have a family. Love them, no matter how difficult and how unfair everything can be. 
  2. My parents, for bringing me up to be healthy.
  3. To be a big sister/first child. Because I'm my parent's first pride and joy and due to some experience from taking care of me, my sister is able to lead a life better than mine.
  4. My laptop, my phone and my iPod for without it, I would not be able to do my assignments or to keep me entertained late at night.
  5. To be a nursing student because I can touch lives by doing the littlest things. 
  6. To have Liyana, Jerome and Raqib as classmates to go to lunch with me, to study with and as my companions for the next two years. 
  7. To have known Val, Yi Teng, Zai, Nadz and Haz in freshman year so that I can remember the first friends I make in poly. 
  8. To even be accepted to NP - a place to call my second home. 
  9. Knowing Grace, Hannah, Bern, Shark, Fai, Nabil, Zaki, Uthman, Isk, Lina and my other group mates I met during pre FBC for making me feel like I belong somewhere. 
  10. Those who went to China with me and took care of me while I was sick. 
  11. Having Rafiq as an annoying older brother, my virtual shoulder to cry on and my best friend although his dumb most of the time. 
  12. Still be in contact with Nazirah and Khairiyah who I miss the most. 
  13. Have older cousins I can rely on for advice. 
  14. My tutors and teachers for without them, I wouldn't be who I am today. 
  15. JurongHealth for the sponsorship. 
  16. My ex boyfriends, for loving me back then and getting me closer to meeting Mr Right. 
  17. HS, for accepting my DPA request and for the interview although I got rejected. 
  18. Syazana, for everything.
  19. Having Sabila in my life because without her, I might not make it through this neighborhood. 
  20. My aunt, who bakes the best red velvet cupcakes and who will constantly text me to go over and take home some yummy desserts. 
  21. Nadiah Squeeky, for always always always being there for me. 
  22. Aidil, to accompany through some lonely nights in China. 
  23. Anyone who attempted to ruin my life because you made me a stronger person. 
  24. God, for blessing me with a wonderful life. 

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