Saturday, 8 June 2013

Kak Nadiah's Wedding! :)

Hey again! 

Last Sunday, my cousin got married and well, me, with my new cammy, you know ;) 

So the event was held at a community center and it was pretty grand. Well it was grand for me lah heh! The theme was pink and all of us (on the bride's side) wore purple. 

Okay so here are some photos I took from that day! 

The food! 

Fav section *below* ;)

Didn't take any photos of the dishes because the desserts looked so yummy! Mehehehe!

Okay photos of people now ;) 

Mum and sissy. Momsie definitely looks better in tudong right? 


Sissy and Daddy!

La familia!

My cousins!

Daddy and Uncle!

Daddy and Momsie!

HAHAHA photobomb!

Cousins and cousin's girlfriend :) 

And the bride's here!


Daddy and Aunt!

And the whole gang! Or 4/5 of it heh!

My maternal relatives dropped by also! 

Nad and I managed to get a photo of the newly weds! 

Okay camwhoring with the cousins!

Ending of with a photo of moi :)


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