Thursday, 20 June 2013

Mother's Day > Project Heart 2013 > Naddy's 18th > KL Day 3 & 4

Hi guise! 

So I think it is about time that I upload all my overdue photos in one post. However, if you're more interested in the photos I took in KL, feel free to scroll down :) 

Spent that Mother's Day weekend with both my maternal and paternal relatives. Went to Sakura with my paternal relatives. Am not very close with them but the food was good!

Ah yes, this was the week when I lost my weight in an instant. I swear I didn't crash diet hahaha!

The cake was so so good and so so yummy! Tastes as good as it looks :) 

Oh and if you guys are wondering, daddy's the youngest child in his family. So is mommy - she's the second youngest lah but still. So technically, I'm living with a bunch of brats. Mehehehe kidding! :*

The next day, we attended a wedding and then headed off to celebrate Mother's Day with my maternal relatives instead. 

I really hate the crinkles along my inner eyes. Makes me look old :( 

At my aunt's place!

One of my gorgeous niece, Sara! She was so so so adorable zomggg!

Oh yes, my uncle and aunt came from Melacca too! :) 

Ah yes! Meet one of the latest addition to the family! :) 

Can't remember her name though. I notice that my nieces and nephews are really good looking people. Tsk dang it man, why must good looks only start after my generation?! :(

Look at that smile! Doesn't it just warm your heart?! 

And of course, there's Naira. She was crying when I took photos of her haha!

RVC nom nom nom!

Alright, next is the NDP Volunteer's training! I have really awesome group mates and majority are from nursing, which is really cool! I'll be located at the concourse, which according to Val is the most awesome place they can put you to. HAHAHA!

Then there was Project Heart 2013 at Republic Poly the next day. Basically, I had to teach CPR and AED to a group of people. The only thing I earned was a new tee I could bring for camp. HAHAHA!

With some classmates + syaz.

With Syaz!

I know I don't look super thin here but gah, how is it that I could gain so much weight since then? :( 

I look so so so awkward!

Then went on a date with Syaz at Swensens! Was so so so happy zomgggg!! 

After that we had ice cream from Marble Slab! 

Syaz looks like a pedo here, HAHAHA! 

You may skip this part because she invaded my camera and took selfies of herself. 

Her annoying wallpaper. Psht. Pshtttttttttttttttt. 

We took quite some time to finish it heh.

Okay Nad's 18th now!

Haish baby Raushan why you so tiut?! 

Okay Day 3 of KL now! 

Us at the hotel lobby :) 

Cabbed to Mid Valley to have lunch at Tony Roma's! 

Our appetizer *droolssssssssssss* 

My mango swirl drink! Heheheh it was soooo yummeh!

Our ribs! :) :) :) 
Had the usual beef and lamb ribs. I personally prefer the lamb one. 

Went around the mall after that and we made charm bracelets! I can never get enough of this kay. 

How can you not go crazy over this?! 

Had another round of juice works :) 

HEHE I love the Big Sister charm! 

Bought this at USS! Mainstream uh. 

And presenting to you the million faces of my sister. 

HAHA the lipstick samples I tried from topshop :p

Went to Petaling Street afterwards

Loots! HEHEHE!

I'm sure you can tell how extremely basic our room is (and this is the deluxe suite). HAHAHA. We never even on the TV. But then again, if there's wifi and a laptop, your possibilities are endless ;) 

Day 4! 

Had brunch at Starbucks. I had the cranberries and chicken sandwich. Sounds weird but it was a pretty good combo :) 

Didn't take any other photos after that because I was too sick. Thank goodness that the flight was better than the previous one. I slept like a baby throughout the whole journey, mehehehe!

Okay and now all the stuff I bought! (again)

I don't know if any of you have noticed but I loveeeeeeeee Cath Kidston! I can't find any of them in Singapore tho. 

Also bought the True Match press powder from Loreal. It has been getting good reviews and The Body Shop no longer has the colour which matches my skin tone so I went for this one instead! I almost bought one from Bobbi Brown, lucky I didn't! ;)

HEHE sissy discovered how to use the micro on my camera so tadaaaa! 

Lip cream and brow pencil from TopShop!

I super duper love this. I've been drawing my brows ever since I went for threading. 

Chocolates for le friends! 

Two tops from F21. Okay I know you're prolly thinking that it's not worth it to buy a singlet from F21 but ahah, I desperately need it.

Shawls for Liyana & Syaz :) 

Phew. That was one long post. 

Okay bye guys! 

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