Monday, 17 June 2013

KL Day 1 & 2

Hello everyone!
KL had been fine so far. My family decided to get out of our comfort zone by taking a flight here instead of Dad driving! It had its ups and downs. The good thing is that I got more used to the airplane taking off and landing (because these parts always scares me hehehe) and Daddy wouldn't have to spend like four hours driving and hearing us complain about how long the journey is :p The bad part is that the flight was horrible. There wasn't any turbulence but the plane kept on gg up and down and up again and down again. Sis and I got sick after that. Ok no, we just felt nauseous. We didn't really vomit whatsoever. 

Apart from taking a flight, we decided to stay in a different hotel as well. I think we've been staying in Pacific Regency for the past five years. We literally remember some of the staff there and there has always been changes. Besides, it was situated slightly outside of town but still walking distance to most of our favourite shopping malls. Call me a creature of habit but I'm just so used to staying there. Our room's pretty small here and it is a good thing that only sis and I are sharing a room. I guess the good thing is that it's still near the malls. Yknow what, I could list down the things I'm not happy with this place but haha, I won't. I'm just glad to be able to have a room to sleep in lol. 

Moving on, photo time!  

Usssssss at the airport before departure.

Had starbucks while waiting for Dad. Wanted to try the cotton candy frappe which everyone had been talking about on twitter and insta but there weren't any :( Had the new cookie crumble instead! It's pretty similar to their java chip and it's just as good ;)

And then we had Coffee Bean for breakfast. HAHAHA, yes starbucks + coffee bean all in one morning. I had the french-y kind of breakfast and told Raf that it was healthy but he disagreed, as usual. Idiot is just as big of an ass even when I wanna leave. 

Then we looked around and we were so so so tempted to buy so many stuff because it was duty free!

Obviously went to cocoa trees first. I love how they organize the goodies according to the brand. Just look at the variety!

Didn't buy much. Just mixed chocolates which you'll see later. Oh, and the staff at the airport is friendlier than anywhere else island wide k/

Before we boarded, the airport security told me to remove my cardigan and honestly, I wasn't very happy about it. I understand why they had to do it though but meh, should have refused. As if they will interrogate me if I did so anywaysssss. 

Okay us in the plane!

And when we arrived, being the typical modern brats we are, we checked if there was wifi and there was! Unfortunately, it isn't very strong when I use my phone so I can only text via iMessage from my iPod. Signal's pretty good when I use my lappy although Ridhuan said that the video call kept on lagging when we were skyping. Hahaha!

So we chilled for awhile. We didn't went out so I watched a few movies.

The chocolates I bought earlier that day! 
I grew up eating this okay! I remembered it coming in jars and my family always got one from my uncle every week! We always gave Bounty to Daddy because we hated it hehe!

That evening, we just went to the restaurant at the hotel to have dinner. K technically we were eating outside so haha yeah. They were having this BBQ buffet thing. Something like Seoul Garden, just that they do the cooking for us.

The desserts weren't nice at all! I hate it when food looks better than its taste. 

Mum and Dad. 


So that was pretty much day one!

Today, we headed to Pavillion to catch a movie and have brunch. It was another tradition of ours to watch a movie here because the seats are so damn comfy and it is just very spacious! 

Oh yes! The night before I left, I asked Rafiq and Syaz if I should bring this checkered dress or the polka dots one (I bought both of them from Cotton On heh). Raf told me to bring the polka dots one while Syaz told me to bring both. Then I told Raf that I've never worn the checkered one before and told Syaz that I preferably would not want to bring two dresses and prefer wearing something else on day three/four. Then Raf told me to bring both and then I told him what I told syaz and syaz told me to bring the checkered one. Then after that I asked them both if the checkered one was still as nice and they both agreed (dk if it's because they got lazy to entertain me but yeah). 

So that's why I bought the checkered one hehehehe!

This pathetic meal costs me RM 18 which is completely ridiculous. It wasn't even fantastic. Should have eaten at some high end restaurant instead. Even if it's expensive,it's still yummy tsk. Cheat my feelings!

Hmmm, yeap. I totally gained back my weight :( 

People always think that I lost weight just by looking at photos because my face look sharper. I didn't edit it to make it look that way okay! It's just that, idk, maybe I'm good with angles? HAHAHA!

Watched Man of Steel, another movie I don't really fancy. Too much destruction. 

The snacks I brought into the theatre because popcorn is too mainstream, hehe. 
Jellybeans tasted like shit and the chocolate is ze bomb! I don't think they sell it in Singapore. But mum bought like dozens of these! 

Ah yes, if you guys are planning to come here, be sure to try the juices from Juice Works! I had a combo of lychee + watermelon which was so delicious I can't even.. I remembered buying this when I was with Naddy and Abg Taufiq and this is my second time trying it! It is that good! Their juices they make are usually mixtures of two or more fruits and they are just to die for!

Okay you can finally see my double chin! HAHAHA! 

After that, I went around on my own. Hehehe I feel so independent! 

After that, we went back to the hotel and I did what I do best! :p 

Had subway while watching a movie heh. 

Loots from today! Not much but I'm glad that I finally bought something from Topshop! I've been wanting to shop there but it was always so expensive! 

Ending off with some photos of meeeeeeeeeeeee!

Anyways, I heard that the haze is pretty bad at home. Do take care guys! Stay indoors wherever possible! 
Or just live underwater *ba dum tss*

Will be back for another blog post tomorrow! Might be going to Tony Roma's for ribs which is another tradition of ours, heheh! Oh and I bought a cable for my cam because I forgotten to bring the charger so yeay more photo taking! :) 

Goodnight luvs!

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