Friday, 19 July 2013

My week in a post.

Hey everyone! 

I honestly can't emphasize how exhausting this week has been. I've been going home at 7 lately and begging daddy to fetch me from school almost everyday because I sprained my ankle and have been limping for over a week now. Haha, yes. I fell and sprained my ankle. In school. The school of Health Sciences. Full of student nurses. I guess falling at HS has its perks because I got one of my lecturer's to apply a bandage for me but apart from all that, it was really hard to convince my coursemates that I'm fine prolly because of all the things we learned in school related to the skeletal system and the complications that can arise from a fall. Moving on, apparently the pain and swelling didn't subside despite going to the GP so I went for an X-Ray at Alexandra Hospital last night. There wasn't any orthopedic doctors on duty so I would have to go for a follow up to know the results. Until then, I have to give my NE volunteering session a miss :(

So yeah, walking has basically been a torture for me. 

Apart from all that, my social life has again been affected. It's pretty sad that I no longer communicate with Rafiq & Ridhuan, whose both like super busy with work and school respectively. Okay maybe I still do but not as often as before. I'm spending most of my time in school with the usuals either studying our asses off or sleeping at CC and I don't get to break fast with my family very often. Dream Team and Fire Nation's whatsapp group is as good as dead now because we're supposed to have outings etc but we never have a day where all of us are free. I did like damn fuggin horribly for my common test and my stupid school sent a letter to my parents about it so I'm basically grounded till my grades are up (heh, not even ashamed that my parents still ground me at this age) and the worse part is that I'm still failing. But really though, after all that has been happening, I wouldn't mind spending my little free time at home and I don't really mind using that time to study more as well. I'm like really determined to get a higher GPA this year k tsk. 

On a lighter note, 
(I got an A for my SAWI assignment like okay this is the best grade I got this term) 
I am finally done with my retests. I am not particularly excited to know how I did because I just wanna concentrate on this term's topics. Okay come to think of it, not so much of a lighter note. Meh. It'll be times like this when I really really miss freshman year :( I just really hate that some poly lecturers can't accept the fact that some students fail. They'd go to the extent of questioning their method of teaching etc like omg, calm your shit yo, it's our fault for not studying. 

Oh but I've been having fun in NSL lessons nowadays. Maybe because we're concentrating more on mental health and our practical test is well, not easy but just not as hard as the rest. We're tested on health education this time round where we'll be assessed on how we teach our client how to perform certain tasks at home and my topic is on blood glucose monitoring. Thank goodness that I did not threw away my year one NSL book.

Oh! And I finally got to sleep in the afternoon today. Best thing that happened to me this week :) 

Alright that's it for today. Goodnight everyone! 

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