Saturday, 27 July 2013

Paddington House of Pancakes > B&J > JurongHealth Outreach Community Event

Hi everyone! 

So I am finally done editing these photos! Been awhile since I used photoscape and I finally found the filter that I like :) 

Anyways, my family and I went  to Paddington House of Pancakes at City Square for break fast yesterday. It was my first time there and I had a hard time choosing what to eat because everything looked so yummy! 

Ok ok before you look at the next few photos, I actually tried wearing like dark red lip gloss that day. I don't know, I thought it looked quite good but mum said that it made me look older. Haha. I'm not gonna wear very often but let me know what you think by commenting on this post or on my

And the food came pretty late so we camwhored like a lot while waiting to be served :) 

Our drinks! 

Ok ok food now.

So this was mine. I know it looks small but it was really filling! 

Omg guys, it tastes better than it looks k. 

Walked around after that.

Blergh, hate how reflection photos make me look short. Or is it the way I hold my cammy? LOL.

After that! We went for dessert at B&J located at Dempsey! 
I was like 14 the last time I was here and oh gosh I miss this place and have been wanting to come back since then.

Too bad that the live band just started when we left :(  

Dad purchased groupons so we were entitled to five scoops of ice creams & two cans of root beer each (we got two vouchers). Didn't tell Rafiq that I went cus he would flip if I told him that I was eating ice cream. 

So yeap, that was yesterday. 
I might consider bringing my friends up here one day if they're up for it :) 

So today! I dragged my parents to JurongHealth's Outreach Community Event (in conjunction with nurses day). I saw so so many familiar faces and I wanted to say hi but I was afraid that they couldn't remember me :(

When we went in, the first thing they asked was if we were interested in working with them. Yeah they're recruiting like crazy I tell you! I hope that by the time this new hospital opens there'll be enough staff k omg I don't wanna be handling 10++ cases when I pass out *cries*

Artworks by students. 
Love the bottom left one the most! 

There was also this art workshop to make heart shaped handicrafts for the nurses. 

Didn't know that mum was so on about it so we both decided to contribute! 

Ok lah, mine a bit mendak right? Too many flowers uh hahaha! 

After that we pinned them to the tree!

So cute right! 

Apart from that, mum and I also decided to start volunteering! I'm not sure what we'll be doing but I guess it's somewhat similar to what I've been doing during attachments (year one attachments at least). I feel so happy about it already! 

Okay so you know how they always love to emphasize that there'll be a window for every patient? Ever wonder what it'll look like? 

Tadaaaa! This is like the epitome of coolness k I don't mind getting admitted here. Actually no, I'm kidding. Cus it'll be awkward having my future colleagues attend to me, bahaha!

There were also complimentary health screenings. 

The design concept of the buildings! 

Far left: Jurong Community Hospital
Center: Ng Teng Fong Hospital
Far right: Specialist Outpatient Clinic

And here's an overview of what's inside. 
(Taken from their website)

Alright that's it then. Ending of with two photos of moi! 

Goodnight everyone! :) 

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