Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Raya @ Singapore Zoo!

Greetings earthlings! 

Girlfies and I went to the zoo just a day our exams were over. It was the day I was so so soooo looking forward to, especially when attachment starts a few days later. 

This is like my second trip to the zoo within a year. I always enjoy going to the places of interest in Singapore. All you do is spend your money on a ticket and perhaps some drinks (we brought our own food so we pretty much saved a lot hehe). Besides, I get really fascinated when looking at different species of living things. 

All in all, I'm just really glad to be able to finally go out with these wonderful humans. It has been so long! And guess what? They're my future FYP group members! Wee woo wee woo wee woo! 

Okay photos now. I'm not gonna put captions in most photos cus there are too many!

Us when we entered ;)

Tell me you're not intrigued by how the crocs are able to just be so still.

The enclosure for these animals below actually smelled so so bad! Then we learned that they BO (aing!) at a certain area to let others know that that's their territory. But they are cute la right!

White tigers! 
Always looking forward to this part. 

The smallest alligator in the world 

HAHAHA self timer fail :p :p 


Ok I didn't know about the rest but I was starving so I suggested that we should eat lunch before proceeding anywhere else :p

I brought my raya cookies! Hehehe told ya we were raya-ing at the zoo ;) 

Okay back to walking!

This penguin scared the shit out of me. It was starring at me throughout la omggg!

With Ah Meng!

 Gigantic turtles! 
I feel so tempted to want to ride on their backs. 

An orang utan lepaking. 

Managed to watch an animal show also! (Three actually!) Didn't manage to take photos during the sea lion show cus we were sitting in the wet zone. 

Okay fer realz, I feel bad for this polar bear. It's so obvious that Singapore's climate is not suitable for this bear. Haiszer I sho sad for it luh :( 

These rhinos reminds me of syaz and naz. Idky it just does. 

I super love taking photos of these butterflies!

 Spot the frog!

Then to my favourite part of the zoo.. 

The children's playground! 

Reason why I love this part is because we are able to interact with the animals (LOL I ALMOST TYPED PATIENTS *FACEPALM*) there. And the animals are so so cute!

See see! 

There are ponies

and small goats

and the kampung house


We had B&J's also to celebrate Val's farewell because she was leaving for China (I think we forgot to tell her hehehe). 

Typical instagramers


Back to looking at animals!

YOLO-ing on the road

Us at the gift shop. 

Yi Teng was disappointed that she couldn't see the pandas so she fell in love with giraffes instead! 

Yeap thats it for the zoo! 

Went to dinner with my fam at Lau Pa Sat after that and then to MBS for a breather. 

That's it then. Goodnight! :) 

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