Friday, 23 August 2013


Hi hi hi everyone! 

First off, I apologise if my banner kinda scared you lol. Even when I open my blog I'll be like *GASP*. It's the buck teeth right :( 

Anyways yes! I kinda editted the whole template and what not and tadaaaa! I was just getting sick of my old banner and then I figured, why not just change the whole thing right? I tried changing the format too but this one still works best. Sometimes I contemplate if I should go back to using blogskins instead (come to think of it, some of them are actually nice like this one) but I then recalled how extremely troublesome it is and besides, it's so hard to revert back to this current template. It's either that or I just don't know how to do it tehehehe. So yeah I just managed to change the banner and my profile and the fonts. It's still pretty simple, just the way I like it! I actually thought of adding a bit more colours but my banner was already black and white and it'll look weird if everything else is colourful.

Moving on! Exams are finally over! I honestly can't explain (ok I realize I say this sentence in almost every post) how extremely scared I am about passing my modules. I haven't been doing well (or maybe I just did good enough) for this sem and omg seriously I would not want to retake any module from this semester. 

People always underestimate the modules taken in this semester. It's like they somehow think it's less stressful. Ho ho ho I beg to differ. We still have tests every week plus presentations! Okay so I'm actually pretty uncertain about the comparison in terms of difficulty between both semesters but I have to admit that the nursing skills I've learned this sem somehow rocked more, teehee! Okay ya being a bit contradicting here. 

Nonetheless! I'm really hoping for the best. Year two really came in a bit of a shock for me but omg I just really really reallyyyyy hope that I do not have to retake any modules. I seriously cannot afford delaying my graduation omgggg just the thought of it makes me wanna scream! 

Okay so I think I better hit the sheets now because I'll be heading to the zoo with my girlies later during the day. I'm kinda looking forward to it! Can't wait to blog about it too! :-) 


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